(A)DD: Liquid Chalk, 8 Colors for $15

Those of us who have embraced the chalkboard paint and chalkboard stickers everything is a chalkboard trend with open, dusty arms can attest to how much harder it is to draw and have cute handwriting with chalk than when we were kids… Or at least it seems that way. Pinterest set the bar way too high and now we all have handwriting inadequacy complexes.

Either way, I have a bandaid! Liquid Chalk Pens by Kassa that come in eight gorgeous colors. These can turn your craggy homemade chalk wall into a coffee-shop worthy menu of your life.

Liquid Chalk Pens

As you can see from the packaging, these markers can temporarily vandalize a wide scope of surfaces including mirrors, plastic, ceramics, windows, and of course – chalkboards.

There are eight colors that mimic the ones that come in the Crayola pack that every new chalkboard owner buys after their DIY chalkboard wall is done drying, only to realize that the colors are never going to be as vibrant….

…as the ones on Pinterest.

Liquid Chalk Markers

These pens, I’m pretty sure, fix that problem entirely. Thanks to these being sold on Amazon, the listing comes with 50+ overwhelmingly positive reviews. They have both a pointed and a chisel shaped tip, reversible like the marker tips from the 80s!

Liquid Chalk Markers by Kassa in 8 Colors,  $27.95 now $14.95

Anything you write comes off with a little bit of water, at the most. Super easy and as you can see, very vibrant!

Probably watching Netflix.