(A)DD: The 2 Bandits 70%+ at Nordstrom Rack

If you’re looking for a new, versatile jewelry line to become obsessed with, now is a good time for me to introduce you to The 2 Bandits.

The 2Bandits Sunshine Daydream Cuff
The 2 Bandits Sunshine Daydream Cuff, $24.97 (was $168)

The above piece is a cuff bracelet, easily worn around your wrist or… anywhere on your arm, really. As you can see, it is freaking 85% off, and used to be really, really expensive. Now, it’s a Daily Deal. I love the internet.

The line was started by Tamar Wider who she spent much of her life studying gemstones in Israel, then rounding out her knowledge of beautiful jewelry at New York’s FIT. Her jewelry regularly pays aesthetic tribute to the southwestern region of the United States, where some of the most intriguing and Earth-celebrating art in the country lives.

At Nordstrom Rack, you can find oodles of The 2 Bandits jewelry on sale for at least 60% – much of it is on sale for over 70% off, leaving it well under $25 per item.

The 2Bandits Moonshine Pendant, $24.97 (was $78)
The 2 Bandits Moonshine Pendant, $24.97 (was $78)

The 2 Bandits collection features lots and lots of silver-plated pewter mixed with intersecting geometric shapes and highlights of natural stones. Southwestern America is a very spiritually powerful place and many people believe that much of the region is still sacred. Symbols often reflect the elements of the area – the sun, the moon, the great rocks and canyons that punctuate the land – all elements are celebrated through jewelry and have been for centuries.

L-R: Double Square Ring, $24.97 (was $78); Bullet Ring, $20.97 (was $98); The Wall Ring, $20.97 (was $98)

In particular, I love The 2 Bandits ring selection. They are all so varied, but clearly come from the same designer’s brain. There are very few duplicate shapes, and nothing is boring.

My grandmother collected turquoise jewelry, heavily Southwestern, so I have a special spot for The 2 Bandits. I also love that each piece is made in the same USA that it celebrates in its design. In this sale, you’ll find lots and lots of rings, a few large statement necklaces, stud & hanging earrings, and beautiful cuff bracelets.

Check out the gigantic The 2 Bandits sale at Nordstrom Rack!

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