(A)DD: Threads 4 Thoughts Leggings – Only $10

Now here’s a store I haven’t shopped at in a while: Bluefly. When I started this B&B, Bluefly was my go-to for pretty much everything relating to discount designer clothing. You could find luxury designers for 80% off! They definitely fueled my love for a good bargain.

I guess I took a hiatus once I started caring less about designer labels and more about the actual quality of the things I was buying. Fortunately, Bluefly seems to be on the same track, as they’ve still got amazing deals on high end stuff, but their labels have become more quality-oriented and even ethical!

Today, for instance, they have leggings from Threads 4 Thought on sale for only $10 – they’re usually almost $40!

Threads 4 Thought Nouveau Leggings
Threads 4 Thought Nouveau Leggings

That high price tag is a result of paying workers a fair wage for their work, and working with a factory that specializes in water use reduction and recycling. Not to mention their commitment to sustainable fabrics – they use 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles!

Believe it or not, each one of those leggings is a different type of legging – thermal, fleece, textured… There’s a legging for everyone in there, and $10, plus about $7.95 for shipping, so get as much as you can if you’re getting any at all!

Threads 4 Thought Leggings, $10 (were $38-$50 each) at Bluefly