The Best New Swimsuits of 2015

I know. Yesterday was practically New Year’s Day and now we’re talking about swimwear. Don’t get me wrong — it’s still March, and I’m still cold. This is why it’s so important that we think about swimsuits now, before our spirits slowly crumble into a thousand snowflakes.

I heard it’s snowing again this week on the east coast.

Okay, sorry. You’re right. Stay focused. 

Swimwear has had a lot of fun exploding into the arena of “festival wear” over the last few years, resulting in thousands of women (etcetera) turning their previously beach-exclusive clothing into streetwear. In turn, designers have started going above and beyond with creativity in terms of design, fabric, and shapes. They have also attached enormous price tags to these shapes and designs and fabrics that have prevented most of us from having them. Luckily, there are some more affordable brands doing just as good of a job!

Note: One of the big issues people have when shopping for swimsuits is about the prices. 99% of bikini pieces are sold individually so you can be sure to get the appropriate size for your top and bottom, so if you see a bikini top with a price in this post, it’s probably only for the bikini top, unless otherwise stated. Boo… but smart at the same time, you know?

Here are my favorite swimsuit shapes of 2015:

High Neck Swimsuits

The scuba takeover of 2014 has officially gone to my head, I think, because I’m looking at the swimsuits with the highest necks and fullest coverage thinking… Yes. Give. Now.

Can you see the shoulder game that the high-neck cutaway gives you? Even if you’re somewhat stacked on top, there are options with sheer overlays (another one of my favorite designs from this season) so you’re not sacrificing any balance by covering up your cleavage. On the other hand, if you’re into that level of coverage, then this cut is probably your new BFF.

Bustier Swimsuits

Bustier swimsuits are so appealing for obvious reasons. Women have been looking hot in bustiers for actual centuries! There are some unbelievable prints and fabrics out there right now, and they’re all using this retro bustier shape as a feminine bombshell canvas.

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I will, without shame, wear a bustier swimsuit under a revealing or billowy top. In the same way I love longline bras, I love bustiers. They’re also some of the most supportive styles as far as swimsuits go. If they don’t have actual underwire, they are at least seamed and molded to gently cup you. (Gross I grossed myself out.)

Floral Swimsuits

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m getting old and old people fucking love flowers, but I have been envisioning floral patterns everywhere. Five years ago, the idea of a floral swimsuit would have made me cringe, but after looking at these… I am on board.

Some of these fabrics are seriously frame-worthy. Any of these floral masterpieces would be good to wear through the next decade, at least… Look at those poppies! Who wouldn’t think those were gorgeous? I especially love the one-piece styles. Floral bikinis reek a little extra of the 1980s — and I can’t go there yet. I just can’t.

Stay warm until the sun comes out for real. Right now, it’s just camping behind the layers and layers and layers… and layers of clouds. Rad. Now scroll back up and look at those lemons!