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There are oodles of posts on B&B where I talk about how frustrating it is to find a good bra that fits my body. I have commiserated with dozens of women who simply “don’t fit” into the standard bra sizes. (We are one, ladies.) It is a very, very real struggle.

My most favorite stories to tell are the horror stories of my early 20s when I would desperately try to abuse my chest into the inexpensive, adorable-yet-unsupportive bras I found in Target. Oh my gosh, the terror I put my poor girls through in the interest of the lowest price and curbside appeal — never again.

Curvy Couture Animal Attraction Corset
Animal Attraction Corset

Curvy Couture is a company that has devoted its attentions to the large-chested outsiders like me who have gone through the bra-ringer in their search for the perfect fit. They offer band sizes 34-44 and cup sizes C-H.

Another struggle I encountered once I started to look for Actually Good Bras was the visual element… Can you say “granny bras?” Most standardized bra designers make busty gals feel like they need sheetrock and scaffolding in order to support their breasts, and let me tell you, that is a completely unsexy feeling.

Curvy Couture Pearl Lotus Bra
Curvy Couture Pearl Lotus Bra

Curvy Couture nails the beauty issue and the support issue — and they didn’t make it seem like rocket science, either.

Curvy Couture Bra Review

I got the opportunity to review a piece from one of Curvy Couture’s bra collection, and while part of me wanted something flashy and gorgeous, I gravitated towards their Cotton Luxe Unlined Underwire Bra, as it was the best balance of comfort and style, and for only $44, it’s a bargain for a supportive, larger sized bra.

Curvy Couture Unlined Underwire Bra

Out of black, white, and mauve grey, I chose the latter due to its softness — that’s exactly the color I want this soft cotton & lace bra to be. The contrast is visible, but not striking.

Curvy Couture Cotton Luxe T-Shirt Bra

The color is just the same as it is online, maybe slightly deeper, maybe slightly more purple.

The white French lace contrast is really gorgeous, and the lace isn’t antique by any means, but it’s intricate and feminine. It also covers the top seam of the bra cup, which has a ton of stretch and helps smooth out any minor spillage or bumps that may occur.

Curvy Couture Cotton Luxe T-Shirt Bra

As you can tell, the cup fabric cotton is akin to old t-shirt material. It’s not the least bit stiff or scratchy, and has a bit of stretch, as well, adding comfort and versatility. This is must for me because, depending on where I am in my cycle, my boobs can be almost a full cup size off. Thanks to some stretch, you can wear this bra all month!

It should be noted that I had to return the first bra due to sizing issues. Unfortunately (and this isn’t Curvy Couture’s fault), sizing is still all over the place from brand to brand. When it comes to brands that primarily sell online, you may be getting one of the best bras of your life, but the chances that you’ll have to send it back one… maybe two times is definitely higher.

The first bra I got was a size too small in the band. I typically wear a 34 band, but this 34 was nearly impossible to close around my ribcage. They quickly sent over a 36 that was just as secure, but much more comfortable. Consider getting a band size up from what you normally wear, if you’re concerned!

Speaking of the band…

Cotton Luxe T-Shirt Bra-4

For chesty gals, two hook and eye closures just ain’t gonna cut it when it comes to finding the best support. Curvy Couture’s bras have cushioned bands and nearly all have three-hook closures in the back, which means it moves around far less, and requires way fewer cup-hikes and band-readjustments throughout the day.

There are some cute details on the Cotton Luxe Unlined Underwire that really are the icing on an otherwise very wonderful bra cake.

Cotton Luxe T-Shirt Bra-2

A silver charm, a little lace, and a satin bow all make this bra into a perfect, cozy little package. Again, $44 — completely worth it!

Curvy Couture has tons of other styles to ogle, and this one isn’t even the most comfort-focused! They have a wireless bra made with the same luxurious cotton for $44 if you’re looking for ultimate comfort & luxury, and a beautiful multi-way strapless bra for $65 that I am currently drooling over. (Yes, that means they have a 44H strapless bra that is gorgeous. This company is awesome!)

Find your favorites at!

Thanks to Curvy Couture for the opportunity to review one of their bras!

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