Brim Season: Cute Brimmed Hats $40 and Under

ASOS Oversized Floppy Straw Hat
ASOS Straw Oversized Floppy Hat, $29

My hands feel like sandpaper, my flyaways are forming a halo-afro hybrid (I call it a halfro) around my head, and all of my clothes smell like shrimp.

Oh, and my forehead is sunburned. That is officially my least favorite place to get sunburned because, no matter what, people are gonna know that you made a bad decision. It’s literally all over your face. And the hairline/forehead tan line is just really terrible. This is why when I apply sunblock, I massage that shit right into my scalp.

But that plan requires me to wear sunblock. Which, as we all know, I am absolutely terrible at.

So my next plan of attack is to explore the world of brimmed sun hats.I’m going to need one anyway, once the gardening really starts to pick up and the outdoor projects get going, and on top of that, they make you look like a fancy rich person which is a fun costume to wear when you’re broke as hell.

But they don’t have to be classy. I found a few casual brimmed hats and even some super casual hats, which wasn’t a category I was aware of in the world of fancy hats.

I fell particularly hard for this unbelievably cute cat ear brimmed hat by BCBGMAXAZRIA.

BCBGMaxAzria Cat Ear Hat
BCBGMAXAZRIA Woven Cat Hat, $22.80

Did you have any idea such a thing existed? Possibly the cutest hat I’ve ever seen.

My head is extra big, so finding hats is usually challenging… Lots of the hats in this post have a multiple sizes for those of us with special cranial needs. Tell me your favorite type of hat! I’m ready to embark on a new journey of not getting sunburned (and looking like I got kicked out of the Kentucky Derby.)

Probably watching Netflix.