Graphic Tee Club: Bandit Brand

Bandit Brand Texas and Tobacco Shop

Bandit Brand t-shirts have been on my graphic t-shirt radar for over five years now, yet I still haven’t managed to get my hands on one of their sexy, comfy tees. There’s something special about Bandit Brand graphic t-shirts that makes me nostalgic for a time and region I was largely (completely) absent from as a Seattle girl born in the mid-80s.

At the same time, I was born to a city girl and a country boy, and I’ve spent the first 30 years (ahem, 29 just for utter clarity) of my life being a city girl in Seattle and Chicago. This year, I’m moving to a super rural town where my neighbors are literally Highland Cattle. I am starting to get into the habit of combining my Broke Life with Dirt Life, and now, Bandit Brand speaks to me more than ever.

Bandit Brand Keep On Trucking
Keep On Truckin’ Tank
Bandit Brand Wing White T-Shirt
Wine Me, Dine Me Tee

Bandit Brand represents a saucy, take-no-bullshit girl who works hard and plays hard – possibly harder. It’s an audacious, rock’n’roll country vibe with a next door twist… A look¬†that easily sways girls who live in 5 story walk-ups to buy and wear cowboy boots without socks. (No. No.)

Who can blame them? Look at these photographs from Bandit Brand’s Tumblr. They love their style so much they made an old western town about it called “Bandit Town USA.”

My wish list from Bandit Brand is a mile and a half long. Each time I visit their site, I find another slough of dust-coated designs that I want to wear with everything I own.

They’ve got three styles of tank and two styles of t-shirt for women. Your basic vintage-wash crew neck is available in an extensive selection of sizes, but the 70s style tee has a bit more of a V-neckline and tapered sleeves.

In the sleeveless department, Bandit Brand offers skinny-strap racerback tanks that are extremely sultry as well as muscle shirts and lace-trim scoop neck tanks.

Here’s what’s on my currently overwhelming Bandit Brand graphic t-shirt wish list:

Bandit Brand Graphic T-Shirt Wish List

Top row: Nobody Tee, Bull Garland Racer Tank, Take A Bite of Peach 70s Tee
Bottom row: Darlin’ Lace Tank, Whiskey Tee, Mountain Mama 70s Tee

Bandit Brand The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised
I’m the Only Hell my Mama Ever Raised Tee

Anytime¬†I feel like I’m wearing an outfit that’s just a little too clean and pretty, I’m going to wish that I had this huge collection of rough around the edges, country girl tees to even things out a little bit.

Each tee is around $40, but is made in the USA by independent designers that are putting their hearts and ideas on the line to create this beautiful, idyllic lifestyle that you can take as big a bite out of as you want. If you’re as big a fan as I am, we should grab big coffees and road trip down to Bandit Town USA for some t-shirts and whiskey!

See Bandit Brand’s full graphic t-shirt collection.

Probably watching Netflix.