Graphic Tee Club: I’m So Tired Of Your Shit

This marks the first time a puppy/kitty combo shirt has made it into the Graphic Tee Club.

But I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me once you see it. There’s no question that it deserves a place amongst the greats.
UNIF I'm So Tired Of Your Shit Tshirt

A puppy, a kitty, a flower, whimsical twee handwriting… What more could you ask for? A lightly aggressive brush-off? Well, you’re in luck.

Here are some people I’d like to wear this shirt around:

  • PETA
  • Donald Trump
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Aspartame
  • Clint from The Bachelorette
  • The chick at the grocery store who always goes through the express line with like 500 items.

I’m so tired of your shit.┬áIt feels good to say. It probably feels awesome to wear. Particularly due to the fact that it doesn’t have any sleeves. Let this shirt be my direct communication with the excessive heat. Hear that, sunshine? Tired of it. Tired of your sun shit.

Check it out!: UNIF I’m So Tired of Your Shit Shirt, $45.50 (was $65) at Shopbop

  • Kitty Meow

    I need this!