It’s Monday, Here Are 4 Cute Dresses Under $50

Yesterday, it was 94 degrees, today it is 73 and overcast. Hello? Summer? It’s made this Monday feel a little extra Monday-ish. Also, there isn’t another holiday in sight until the best Hallow-day, so we have to soldier through the rest of this heat-wavey summer.

Something that assists with Monday-centralized soldiering? Cute dresses under $50. And we will utilize the very timely beginning of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in order to find them.

Usually, I’m too distracted to catch the beginning of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but this year, I managed to check in just in time for the sale to open the the public. “Public” meaning non-Nordstrom-Card-holders. Too dangerous for me, sorry! I am glad to catch the sale early in the game, though, because Nordstrom carries some of my favorite mid- and high-end brands. Plus, they’re technically a “local business” if you’re in Washington State…

These Topshop dresses seem simple at first glance, but each have edgy details that prevent them from being boring. Both have cutouts and are beautiful, watery shades of blue.

Another brand I always look forward to ogling: Leith. More mostly-basic garments that are exceptionally well-done and created with common sense in mind – one long dress with slits that are operable and not publicly indecent, and another shorter dress with elegant details that are not only flattering, but comfortable.

tl;dr: I like Leith.

Hope that healed any of your Monday woes. Check out the rest of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before everything is gone! 

Probably watching Netflix.