Maxi Tops: High Slits, Long Lengths, & What To Make of It All

Maxi dresses are so comfortable when the weather is hot and humid and all you want to wear is a lightly tied bed sheet. There’s something extra glamorous about wearing a floor-length dress as a casual outfit, too. I like feeling simultaneously glamorous and like I’m in bed.

Recently, I’ve noticed that slits in long dresses are returning from fashion dormancy. But, thanks to our ability to take revived fashions to extremes, those slits transformed into everything from statement slits to what I’m callingĀ maxi tops.

Nasty Gal Back Slip Maxi Top, $38 $19; Sun & Shadow Crew Neck Maxi Tee, $34 $20.40

They’ve started putting slits on the front, on the sides, in the back… Anywhere that a patch of skin might go unnoticed, someone has most certainly put a slit.

I really like the way these longer tops look. My favorite style would have to be the double side slits. I live in skinny jeans and ankle boots, and adding something that is both comfortable and interesting is kind of the ultimate frosting on the winter uniform cake.

The back slit is obviously very alluring, but I can’t get behind it (har) due to my aversion to visible bras in back cut-outs. Some people don’t mind it, and power to you if that’s you, but my brain can’t deal with the clean lines being broken with an entirely un-cute, heavy duty bra strap. It kind of makes me cringe just thinking about it. Yeesh.

Express One Eleven Maxi Tee, $29.90; Boohoo Plus Kelly Front Slit Maxi Top, $16

The front slit maxi top is obviously badass and super alluring. The more I see them, the more they grow on me, because they can obviously be styled and executed really well without looking tacky or like the aftermath of a scissor battle.

But I keep going back to the double slit maxi tops. I like how it moves when you walk, and the layers seem like so much fun to play with! Short moto jacket, cropped ankle pants, big scarf – or maybe shorts with tights and tall boots! Varying heights are always challenge your own personal style with. I’m pretty sure this Decree maxi top is the maxi top of my dreams – awesome colors, extra-long sleeves, and a crazy price ($12.99 on sale!)

What are your thoughts on theĀ maxi top style?

  • Love this trend but haven’t seen any of these styles in retailers near me. I think it spices up a regular ol’ tshirt and lets you pull together a more “styled” outfit without putting more effort!

    • My thoughts, exactly! Definitely makes an outfit look more daring and interesting as opposed to a basic tee. Have you seen people knot the fabric between the slits? I think we’re going to see some interesting interpretations of this trend, for sure!

      • Come to think of it, yeah I’ve seen that with smaller slits to turn them into crop tops– not with the maxi top though! I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until it pops up at my local F21

  • Christina tessa

    Lovely trend! try with our Geek Chic Scarf and you will love it