Rear View: Summer Dresses Under $50

Summer is peak Rear View season, so since global warming is obviously and undeniably a thing, we’re getting things started earlier than ever.

Rear View: Summer Dresses with Beautiful Back Details

Lace Back Tie Backless Summer Dress
O’Neill Lace Blossom Dress, $46 at Lulu*s

It was so worth cutting to the chase, wasn’t it? LOOK AT THAT BACK. There is a cute back tie with beautiful lace crochet panels, and it’s still pretty much a backless dress. (Lulu*s, $46)

Lulu*s Blush Drape Back Dress
Lulu*s Blush Grace Yourself Dress, $42

A draped back has never failed to lure me in, especially when the dress it adorns is form-fitting. The top front of this dress is actually deceptively loose, and stays pretty body-con from the waist to mid-thigh. It’s made from a lightweight jersey, so packing and wearing is extra easy. (Lulu*s, $42)

Charlotte Russe Strappy Back Striped Maxi Dress, $28.99
Charlotte Russe Strappy Back Striped Maxi Dress, $28.99

Finally, a maxi dress on the list. This particular dress has a criss-cross ladder of straps up the deep-v back, exposing a nice amount of skin without compromising the structure of the dress. Read: it won’t fall off of you even though it’s basically backless. (Charlotte Russe, $28.99)

ASOS Tie Back Striped Sundress, $50
ASOS Tie Back Striped Sundress, $50

We needed some retro colors in this post, and this ASOS dress is making me lusty. It seems shapeless, but to me, that means it’s made for comfort. There is a pretty damn adorable little tie in the back that creates a cute square of straps that serves no purpose whatsoever. I waaaant it. (ASOS, $50)

Lulu*s Painter's Muse Dress, $46
Lulu*s Painter’s Muse Dress, $46

This dress is in my top 3 of the bunch – not just for its vibrant colors, but its space-age shape and tri-strap back.The busy pattern is cool, though, because it makes this body-con dress a little easier to wear by making everything look nice and smooth. Cheers to the most colorful dress on the list! (Lulu*s, $46)

Missguided Lace Back Skater Dress, $50
Missguided Lace Back Skater Dress, $50

The last dress was in my top 3, this dress is in my top 1. I’ve never quite seen an eyelash lace, apron-style back on a dress before, and this floral print with the skater dress shape is pretty much bulletproof. Like most Rear View dresses, the front is entirely unassuming, but the back is everything. (Missguided, $50)

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