Dedicated: Rihanna, New Musical Directions & Old Fashion Trends

When you think of stars whose style stands out, it’s almost impossible to pass over the inimitable Rihanna. Aside from her unmistakeable voice, Rihanna’s got a “give no @#^!s” approach to style and music that keeps her at the top of the billboard charts — and sadly the top of many “Fashion Don’ts” lists. Whatever. I appreciate a girl who tries something new, even if it is on a constant basis with the bass on high. Work it, qurl.

In other news regarding Rihanna Doing What Rihanna Feels Like Doing, also known as #GirlBoss or the quaint and elegant “HBIC,” she has decided to go a completely new route with her upcoming album, R8She’s shedding her devotion to current trends in music, going against the audience-tested grain of the Pop Star flank steak entirely, saying she wants to make “timeless” songs that she can “still perform in 15 years.” This means a more acoustically-driven album produced by Kanye West, with several guest spots from incredible musicians.

You may have heard the first released single from R8, FourFiveSeconds” featuring Kanye West and the master of all things “timeless,” Paul McCartney.

R8 will be released sometime in 2015, and in the meantime, you can pick up Rihanna tickets for her tour (making an appearance with Kanye West) now, her show in Rio de Janiero is on September 26, headlining the Rock in Rio festival.

While she’s shunning trends in the studio, she’s adequately resurrecting them on the streets.

Lately, she’s been saying Where Have You Been to some kind of late-90s, early-00s club girl styles but – because she’s Rihanna – she’s making it all look like it’s never been worn before.

Technicolor Fur Coats

Rihanna arrived at leonardo dicaprio home at 1am befour going to club up and down

I can almost hear the bass of “Sandstorm” by Darude… The pink faux fur duster screams rave queen and I’m not sure that I hate it. That shade of peachy pink is kind of my favorite and it’s either got built-in mittens or cool, split sleeves — either way, I’m supportive of it.

Stirrup Pants

Rihanna is 'Pretty in Pink' fur at 'Good Morning America' in New York City

This is the most recent zombie trend that Rihanna is attempting to resuscitate. I’m not saying that it’s working, but I’m not saying that it’s not working, either. I am saying point blank that I’m not going to wear it, but if someone else can figure out how to make it amazing, I say go for it.

Athletic Sneakers with… Whatever

Rihanna and Drake were spotted having a reunion at Griffin late Monday night in NYC

Is anyone else getting Sporty Spice flashbacks? I didn’t see that chick our of her Nikes until 2008. Here, Rihanna has some blindingly white sneakers paired with a very Calvin Klein on mushrooms column dress. Basic, but also not at all.

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Also, these photos were clearly all taken on Wednesdays. That is a lot of pink.

Tank Girls Meets 90s Gwen Stefani

2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards - Backstage & Audience

I’m the last person on Earth to complain about anything Tank-Girl-related re-entering the field of social relevance, and the early No Doubt days were the true heyday of Gwen Stefani, who took this look and ran with it. I absolutely rocked several versions of these all-over mini-buns in the late 1990s and am giddy to see them on such a beautiful trendsetter! Or trend, un-setter, as it were.


There are some pretty distinct Madonna references in there, as well. And can you get enough of that mermaid-green lipstick? Because I can’t.

There was also the time that Rihanna dressed literally like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but I’m not sure that counts as “bringing back a trend.”

Catch R8, Rihanna’s newest album, this year and see her live on her world tour now!