Sephora Flash: A Year of Free 2 Day Shipping for $10

Finally! Smart stores with gigantic online commerce are wising up to the fact that everyone hates paying for shipping. Hate it… a lot. Amazon tackled this issue by offering Amazon Prime, which gives subscribers free 2-day shipping on select products for a year if you pay an annual $99 fee. I had this service until this year when I decided $99 was too damn much to basically keep quick shipping on retainer in case I buy something.

Sephora, on the other hand, has used their beauty witchcraft to secure a year of free 2-day shipping on all orders for only $10.

Sephora Flash Shipping Deal $10/year

It’s called Sephora Flash and it’s so extremely worth it, I can’t even express it. $10 gets you free 2-day shipping on all orders – no minimum. Snagging that $6 Rosebud Salve online to avoid the ridiculous mall crowds seems a little more justifiable now, doesn’t it?

Now, those online-exclusive sales and promotions don’t become meaningless as soon as you get hit with a shipping charge! Victory! 

Another bonus to shopping Sephora online? Samples. Granted, you can get a sample of just about anything from the sweethearts that work in-store, but online, it’s more mysterious and you don’t have to feel like a cosmetic squatter who just wants free stuff. Even if that’s exactly what you are.

This is a smart way to obtain loyal customers and keep ’em happy. If you love Sephora and find yourself shopping there a lot, this is perfect for you!

Pick up a $10 subscription to Sephora Flash here.