Graphic Tee Club: Superhero Tees & Tanks from BioWorld

While shuffling through the clearance section at Macy’s, I couldn’t help but notice… there were more superheroes than normal. (Graphic t-shirts, that is.) As to why some of them are marked down to $5.99 with all sizes available..? I do not know.

Being a girl who’s into comics, sci-fi, or video games is tough when it comes to being a consumer. There just isn’t a lot of good stuff out there in our sizes, or made to fit our bodies, and if it does, it’s really, really, really, really expensive. Why is merch so expensive? Don’t you want me to love your thing? So you can imagine my surprise when I saw that there were an ample supply of women’s graphic t-shirts and tanks featuring some of the most popular superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

BioWorld Wonder Woman Hockey Jersey Tee

BioWorld Wonder Woman Hockey Jersey Tee, $24 $16.99

A brand called BioWorld has been churning out excellent options for women in terms of superhero reppin’ gear. There’s something comforting about worn-in, unisex t-shirts featuring vintage comic book heroes (all of these happen to feature characters from the DC comic universe), but these new twists on old-school logos and character designs are exciting, and again – it’s awesome to see some fresh t-shirt designs for women!

BioWorld Superman Raglan Baseball Tee

BioWorld Superman Baseball Tee, $24 $16.99

BioWorld Batman & Wonder Woman Tanks

BioWorld Wonder Woman Tank, $24 $5.99; BioWorld Batman Logo Tank, $24 $5.99

BioWorld Batman Raglan Sweatshirt

BioWorld Batman Raglan Sweatshirt, $34 $24.99

It’s really hard for me to say no to a baseball tee. Especially when it’s on sale! I also have a hard time saying no to $6 tank tops... These are such good weekend t-shirt options, but I’ve also seen various bloggers take comic book t-shirts and turn up the volume across the casual-to-swanky spectrum:

What used to be a weekend-only favorite – the superhero tee – can be translated into all sorts of style languages. I can see why pairing a graphic superhero tee with a pleated leather skirt is so popular, it seems like a failsafe! There’s something to be said about just keeping it simple. Playing with monochrome looks, incorporating vintage denim with a vintage tee, trying out a pair of dressy shorts with tights (or not)… Graphic tees are my favorite because they can really be anything you want them to be!

See all of the BioWorld superhero/comic book/Harry Potter & Hogwarts tees on sale at Macy’s!

Probably watching Netflix.