(A)DD: Suzette Bralettes, The Base of Summer

This post may end up being more reflective of my passionate love for Broad City than anything else. Just a warning.

Do you ever notice that, whenever Ilana Glazer is inappropriately dressed for her weird sales job, 90% of the time she’s wearing a crop top over a comfortable-yet-complicated-looking bra top? In fact, 90% of the time Ilana is on the screen, she seems to be wearing one of these bralettes.

Ilana Glazer work

Ilana Glazer Work 1

Ilana Glazer work 2

(PS: If you haven’t seen this show, you need to see this show.)

So you can easily see how this bra would be stuck in my head after a few all available episodes, so coming across the deeply discounted Suzette strappy solid bralettes and two-tone contrast bralettes.

As I excessively stated in my enormous post about where to find these affordable wireless bras: I’m obsessed with these. A thousand times more comfortable than conventional bras, and cheaper, and cuter. And falling asleep in them does not make you regret your entire life in the morning.

Black White Strappy Contrast Bralette

I would caution you not to expect incredible support from this bra… particularly if you are somewhat stacked on top — but it’s damn cute! And you don’t always have to have your girls up by your collarbones, right? I think it’s good for you to get away from underwires for at least a few hours per day. Luckily, you can do that while feeling and looking adorable.

Suzette Collection Bralettes, were $18 now $10.80 at Nordstrom