Wedge Sneakers: Actually Made for Dancing All Night

Summer and sneaker wedges are a match made in heaven. As if having height and comfort weren’t already a huge, awesome deal, having cute shoes you can actually stay out all night in is an unbelievable bonus when summertime nightlife rolls around.

Oh, and discovering how well late night dancing meshed with wedge sneakers has definitely changed my life a little bit.

Miss Guided High Top Croc Wedge Sneakers

Croc Embossed High Top Wedge Sneakers, $50 at Missguided

One of my favorite qualities of wedge sneakers is how they can take one any style, seamlessly. Many people hear “wedge sneakers” and their minds go straight to sporty, whereas these faux crocodile wedge sneakers are nowhere near the tennis courts. I dig the luxurious look mixed with the heavy zippers and buckle hardware.

Phillipe Model High Tops

Phillipe Model High Tops, $75 (were $168) at YOOX

I am a major sucker for green, and this lighter, grassy hue is definitely uncommon! I really dig the particular shade of taupe they used as a neutral, and the highlight of the metallic kelly green makes these look super fresh! I can see a place for these in my wardrobe, for sure.

As you can see, these beautiful babies are over 50% off of their over-$150 price tag. Much of the original price’s heft comes from the fact that these are made from soft, high quality leather.

Wanted Highline Wedge Sneakers

Wanted Highline High Top Wedge Sneakers, $71.99 (were $79.95) at

The only thing that upsets me about these shoes is that the photo isn’t large enough to truly appreciate their overt loudness. These wedge sneakers have a very sleek silhouette and are another departure from the stereotypical sporty appearance.  Those colors together, though, are pretty irresistible.

ADIDAS NEO High Top Wedge

adidas NEO Super Wedge High Tops, $44.99 (were $80) at Amazon

Saved my favorite for last! These adidas wedge sneakers are the cutest, periwinkle shade of purple and the accent fabric is covered in tiny white flowers. They’re a little cutesy, but still a pair of adidas high top sneakers, so they’re built to last. These definitely are sporty, and that’s one of their best features! I love the contrast between the unique shade of purple and the floral mixed with the iconic white stripes of adidas sneakers.

Do you have shoes you can literally stay out all night in? Tell me!