12 Items Under $20 from Old Navy’s Big Ol’ Sale

There are tons of sales going on right now. The holiday shopping season is like a constant fireworks display of sales that lasts all throughout the month. With the amount of exclamation points I’ve seen in the last two weeks, I’m starting to think that marketing departments across the industry turn into an AOL chatroom from 1999.

Last Chance Sale!!!!!!! BUY ASAP
Don’t Miss This!!! OMG! Prices!!

And where there’s an absence of copious exclamation points, theres a good chance you’ll find emojis. I don’t know who gave marketing professionals the green light to use emojis in brand communications… but it’s totally annoying and brilliant. I’m sure it’s increasing engagement by a huge margin. I must say, there’s something utterly charming about a brand that isn’t afraid to include the poop emoji right in the subject of their mass email. That’s called moxie.

Old Navy’s blowout email included exclamation points and emojis, and for good reason: the entire Old Navy brand is marked down up to 75% off.

The clearance is particularly good. There are tons of things under $20 and that means a lot of last-minute gifts that seem more impressive than the price you paid would suggest. That’s kind of the ultimate goal for a broke gift giver: to give people things that should cost more than you paid for them, but that also aren’t stolen.

Old Navy Sale Items Under $20

Old NavyFrost Free Quilted Jacket, $49.94 $12.97

Old Navy Wool Blend Peacoat, $59.94 $19.97

Old Navy Pintuck Swing Dress, $39.94 $11.97

Old Navy Marled V Neck Tunic Sweater, $29.94 $10.97

Old Navy Sueded Sherpa-Lined Moccasin Slippers, $19.94 $9.99

Old Navy Classic Flannel Shirt, $26.94 $6.99

Old Navy Lace Sleeve V Neck Dress, $36.94 $8.97

Old Navy Mid Rise Pixie Pants, $34.94 $13.99

Old Navy Lace Longline Bralette, $22.94 $9

Old Navy High Rise Vintage Flare Jeans, $34.94 $14.99

Old Navy Rib Knit Henley, $16.94 $6.97

Old Navy Hi Low Honeycomb Sweater, $36.94 $15.97

In addition to crazy prices, Old Navy will give you $10 in “Super Cash” (basically Old Navy credit) for every $25 you spend.

At this rate, you could get four gifts and something for yourself and walk out of Old Navy’s online store with $10 in Old Navy goodies in your pocket. Not too shabby! If you order today,  ensure that your stuff can get to you by 12/23 with 1 day shipping!