(A)DD: BP. Two Tone OTK Socks

Summer can’t come fast enough, but since I have to wait, I’m going to relish the opportunity to ogle some winter-specific accessories that I’ll be shelving once the temperatures get to minimal-clothing heights.

One of my favorite parts of the colder months is the opportunity to wear all of my socks. While ankle socks are cute and fine and whatever, nothing really feels as awesome as some good, well-made over the knee socks.

Usually, I wear them over tights in the winter, but in the springtime, they’re a welcome addition to dresses or shorts with boots – especially if you’re pasty like me and need some color-blocking to break up the chalkiness.

BP OTK Socks

These have a great neutral beige tone and an extra cute cream colored section at the top with frilled edges. I can’t keep OTK socks up to save my life, so it’s important to me that socks look good scrunched and these are passing my tests (as long as the top doesn’t get stretched out!).

BP OTK Socks Dark

Or, if you’re a fan of the darker socks, they have an equally cute option with black and grey. I’m not as familiar with black over the knee socks, but I feel like they could be used in a more formal (if you will). You know, formal OTK socks are the next frontier – I’m calling it right now!

Best of all, they’re some of the cheapest over the knee socks I’ve ever seen at only $5.98 per pair – that’s a little over half off! Special note: they’re 100% cotton so a) they’re amazing but b) they need to be hand washed and air-dried! Keep that in mind if you’re a lazy sack.

Oh, and for some reason, you can’t get them in Germany…? I don’t know about that, sounds personal.

BP. OTK Socks, $12 $5.98

Probably watching Netflix.