(A)DD: Black Faux Suede Jacket

Goths in Summertime, take note: this $60 faux suede, black jacket has been marked down to $19.99 and is available in almost all sizes.

Faux suede is a fabric I don’t have much of, and given that its unlikely to be ruined in the Pacific Northwestern rain, I’m really open to the idea of having some more. After all, matte finishes are all the rage right now – think of this faux suede jacket as a matte lipstick… for your body.

It’s kind of a baseball jacket, and it’s kind of a moto jacket, but mostly it’s just a collarless, lightweight jacket for spring. Obviously black with silver hardware and an oversized zipper pull. If you are the type of girl who lives in a black hoodie but needs to up the adult factor a little bit, cozy up in this fitted, deceptively comfortable jacket at family events and outings because hoodies are perfect, but not for every occasion. It took me 30 years to admit that.

(I’m wearing a black hoodie right now because home is always pro-hoodie, so it’s fair game and no one can stop me.)

These types of jackets with no collar and clean lines are so incredibly versatile because they don’t really make a statement other than “I’m on top of something and I made it better.” Whether that’s an office frock or a vintage Ren & Stimpy t-shirt – well, that’s up to you. But both would look good, for the record.

H&M Faux Suede Jacket, $59.99 $19.99

(Want to skip the shipping? Try the code 3287 at checkout – it worked for me! More on how I discovered this, and other random, successful coupon codes coming up in the near future.)