(A)DD: Rock & Candy Naomi Cutout Sandals

Shopping for shoes in the clearance section has been annoying lately. It’s the time of year when the seasons are about to change, so the prices in the clearance sections are crazy low, but most of the things I’m seeing include phrases like “fur-lined,” “insulated lining,” and “fleece.” If you’re in the market for a parka, you’re going to be in good shape, but if you’re just waiting until the sun comes out long enough to warm the ground before putting sandals on, it can be kind of a letdown.

…Which is why it’s weird that these Rock & Candy Naomi Cutout Sandals are on sale for $24.97 (marked down from $49.99) in pretty much all sizes.

Rock and Candy Naomi Cutout Sandal 1

Rock and Candy Naomi Cutout Sandals

Hey sandals, you’re cute! And not supposed to be this affordable right now! But thank you for, you know, making yourself available (in every size except 9.5) (guess whose size that is) (!!!). I’m also happy to see a back zipper because, as much as I love buckles, I’m pretty sure I won’t get another pair of shoes with an itty-bitty buckle like this without a zipper in the back. It’s not cute being the girl everyone’ waiting for while you’re ass is in the air trying to buckle your damn sandals like a 7 year old girl at the beach.

Best of all, there are two colors to choose from. Check out the tan version:

Rock and Candy Naomi Sandals Tan

I really dig how orange-y this tan is, and I like the mixed textures. It’s all faux leather, of course, but it does a pretty convincing job. There’s gold-tone hardware on both the black and the tan versions, which I dig. I’m personally ready to take down the “black only goes with silver” oligarchy! Black and gold forever.

…& tan and gold.

Rock & Candy Naomi Cutout Sandals, $49.99 $24.97

Probably watching Netflix.