Where to Get The Best Affordable Bodysuits

I remember looking at the bodysuits in Victoria’s Secret catalogs and thinking that surely if I were to put one of those on I would instantly look like Letitia Casta. My mom was sweet and generous enough to allow her 14 year old size 14 to get one (my life goals frequently surrounded things in the Victoria’s Secret catalog). And that’s when the confusion about bodysuits start.

Glam Chic Style Bodysuit Deep V Plunge

Chic Glam Style

For being a plus-sized adolescent with zero self-esteem, I had really strong opinions about clothes. The first thing that blew my world open about bodysuits: the crotch. Do modern bodysuits still have that snap-crotch thing? I know how important peeing is and there’s a reason you don’t see me in rompers and overalls very often. Completely disrobing every time I need to use the bathroom is not my favorite thing. Especially because there are a ton of bodysuits that are not bra-friendly.

The answer to my question about the snap-crotch after looking through hundreds of bodysuits for this post: sorta. 

Many of the bodysuits I found are just like less water resistant swimsuits, but if the bodysuit with no snap crotch is really, really cute… I could see myself wearing it despite its urinary prevention. What can I say? I really like looking awesome.

Bodysuit Outfits High Waist Flares & Lace w/ Orange Skirt

Impossibly Perfect & Olivia Fleming

When I got my VS bodysuits 20 years ago (omg vomit), they were basic: scoop neck with cap sleeves in baby blue and another one white. They made me feel like a ballerina, and when I chose to wear them with my JNCOs and Converse, I did them a huge aesthetic disservice.

Now there are bodysuits in all kinds of beautiful colors, patterns, and shapes. Lace sleeveless bodysuits, backless baby pink bodysuits, plunging deep-V bodysuits with flutter sleeves… The creativity is definitely flowing through both the designers and the outfit creators.

Bodysuit Outfits: Orange Skirt & Blue Maxi Skirt

Vlada Bush & Pretty Dresses in the Laundry

Clearly I’m a fan of body suits with orange skirts as I subconsciously chose two for this post! The front-lacing bodysuits seem pretty popular, and I suppose I can see why. It’s a little bit hilarious seeing a garment that 16 year old dramatic rebel Lindsay would want appearing in fashion spreads and showing up on beautiful bloggers. They’ve made the lace-front bodysuit look less like a cheap witch costume and more like a really crucial basic that belongs in every wardrobe.

I feel like bodysuits are also very boob-friendly, if you know what I mean. A large percentage (but admittedly not all) of people who aren’t comfortable going without bras will find enough support in a bodysuit to remove the need for one. Congratulations, estimated B-D cups! Obviously this doesn’t apply to blousey or draped bodysuits which I must admit are some of the fanciest bodysuits I’ve ever seen. I will in all likelyhood never wear one (boobs) but I think it’s so cool that they are a thing at all.

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If you’re into this whole bodysuit fashion idea and want to try it out without investing too much cash in something that might make you accidentally flash a stranger, I would beeline for shops like Missguided, Express, and Boohoo. I noticed that 99% of Boohoo’s bodysuits didn’t mention a snap crotch, but when they did, they called it a popper crotch which is exactly what I will be calling it from now on and forever. Popper crotch!

Missguided Bodysuits

The Kimono Sleeve Bodysuit & Strappy Harness Bodysuit from MissGuided.

Express Bodysuits

The Black Pieced Lace Bodysuit & One Eleven Extremely Strappy Bodysuit from Express.

NastyGal is on a whole other level when it comes to bodysuits. They take the concept of a one-piece and make it three-dimensional by adding all kinds of draping and embellishments. You can even wear a bra with some of them!

NastyGal Bodysuits 1

The Breezy Does It Draped Bodysuit & Darkest Hour Lace Bodysuit

NastyGal Bodysuits

The Cowl Does It Feel Cold Shoulder Bodysuit & Gaby Ruffle Sleeve Bodysuit from NastyGal.

What to Wear With a Bodysuit

According to the photos above: anything, including nothing.

My favorite images are usually a bodysuit with high waisted jeans and heels. It’s super basic and feels very 80s, but I like the simplicity. The girl at the top of this post knows what’s up.

Have you worn a bodysuit lately? How was that for you? Great? Terrible? Tell me in the comments!

Top photo via Michelle Margarite of She Will Take Over