American Giant is Have a Very Rare Sale!

As a hoodie aficionado, I have to force you to stop what you’re doing any consider buying yourself an American Giant hoodie because they are literally the best hoodies on the planet. And on top of the fact that they’re the best hoodies on the planet, they’re between 30-50% off right now.

If only you knew how unbelievably rare an American Giant sale is. Their hoodies are typically over $70 each, but because they’re the best, they’re worth waiting for. But the waiting stops now. It’s go-time.

American Giant Classic Full-Zip Hoodie, $89 $62

They aren’t covered in trendy designs or photographic prints. They don’t have cute phrases on the back like Valfré, or feminine insets like floral bomber jackets. They are solid, one color, with one zipper, one hood, and two pockets. But they will be with you for the rest of your life.

These hoodies haven’t gone in sale in over five years, despite being the most popular jacket in American Giant’s inventory. I have an American Giant Classic Hoodie in a too-small size, so this sale is definitely giving me the “in” I was looking for. If you’re picking one up and are between sizes, I would suggest selecting the larger of the two sizes you wear. The way these jackets are constructed is incredible, and the fabric is thick and hardy with some stretch, but not like your average hoodie. This material is going to feel like armor once it’s on your body.

Sizes XS-XL are available. My too-small jacket is a medium, and it fits me, but it’s very snug. I would be happy with a large! The Classic Hoodies come in a ton of different colors, but they’re going fast, so jump on it!

I also have one of their adorable baseball jackets, which you can get for over 50% off in their sale! Select t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and bottoms are up to 50% off in addition to the amazing Classic Hoodie deal.

American Giant Classic Baseball Jacket$89 $44

This jacket has the same incredible quality of the Classic Hoodies, just without the hoodie part. It also has a full snap closure up the front as opposed to a zipper. You can see more about the baseball jacket in this American Giant outfit post!

You can see the seams on this jacket, they are robust and reinforced. It would be wildly difficult to rip one of these jackets apart. That’s the kind of quality I want in a hoodie that will see everything from beaches to mountain tops!

Here are some other gorgeous options from the American Giant sale:

Check out American Giant’s gigantic sale here!

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