A Bird Necklace for Every Jewelry Box

Doesn’t it seem like every woman between the age of 15 and 50 has a necklace with a bird on it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not hating on animal jewelry. In fact, in ancient B&B history, I had a major thing for insect jewelry. Since then, I’ve diversified my jewelry ecosystem. There are fewer spider rings in my collection now, but I recently acquired my token bird necklace.

Happiness Boutique Bird Necklace-8

jewelry necklace bird reivew

If you are friends with me on Snapchat, you know that I recently took the axe to my hair in a very desperate “OMG HOT GET IT OFF MY NECK” fashion. We won’t get into how it got that short in case there are any professional stylists reading this. I’d like to preserve my dignity. It definitely wasn’t done at home in front of my bathroom mirror, if that’s what you’re thinking!!!!!! 

Anyway, changing the subject rapidly… Do you remember a bunch of years ago when it seemed like everyone had the same gold or silver necklace with a swallow on it? There must have been a sale at Made in China Charms.  At least a dozen different brands happened to make the exact same necklace. However, it just so happens that this necklace started a movement that continues its motion today.

Now, it seems that no jewelry collection is complete without one. Also, thanks to the immense popularity of avian-themed jewelry, there are more options than ever. While the infamous swallow necklace was a bare outline in gold and silver plating, the necklace I received as a gift from Happiness Boutique featured a more handcrafted, vintage-style bird.

Happiness Boutique Bird Necklace-4

Happiness Boutique Bird Necklace-5

I’m 99% sure the bird on my necklace isn’t modeled after a real bird. That being said, the fact that it looks like a 3-dimensional drawing or some kind of etching come to life makes it cool. I like the oversized shape of it, and of course, the baby bird buddy.

Happiness Boutique Bird Necklace-10

Further up one side of the chain that comes off of the bird is a smaller one. It’s very cute and very endearing and I love it. I’m not a mom or anything, but having a little asymmetry on a necklace makes it feel unique. Plus, I like to think it draws eyes upwards – which is good because this necklace is actually kind of long.

Without editing, this bird goes straight into my cleavage. If I weren’t wearing something so low-cut, it wouldn’t be an issue, but instead it makes my boobs into a black hole that eats birds. All it takes is a jump ring to turn this long necklace into a shorter one, and it’s well worth it. It looks good both ways, we just need to protect it from my rack and we’ll be in good shape.

Happiness Boutique Bird Necklace-1

If you love this particular bird necklace, you can pick it up the Vintage-Style Bird Necklace for a steal ($16.63!) at Happiness Boutique.

Do you have a bird necklace? What do you think of this piece of mandatory jewelry?

Top: a random nightgown from Gilligan & O’Malley/Target which I wore in this post (similar herehere)
Lips: Milani Matte Lip Creme in Precious with NYX Liquid Suede in Tea & Cookies in the middle 

This post wasn’t sponsored, but the products featured in this post were sent to me gratis. Thanks to Happiness Boutique for letting me try out a necklace! 

Probably watching Netflix.