Gift Guide Under $10: Recycled Glass Tumbler Cold Drinks

Before you run out and buy your sister or boyfriend or coworker that light green glass tumbler from Starbucks that everyone is obsessing over, read this post. When they insist that their love for the one-of-a-kind iced coffee glass “has nothing to do with the brand,” you can either tell them about these Starbucks dupes under $10 each, or you can ask them why they want to pay over four times as much for something with a brand logo on it. (Oooooh, sassy!)

But seriously, why is this thing almost $40? Or $25 for a smaller one? (Also why is it $15 more for an extra 4 oz…?) Once again, Starbucks finds a way to overcharge you for basic, everyday items like a glass. Starbucks even thought they were going to be clever and release a cheaper version with a less sexy design for $16.95. But when people bought it in droves, the one star reviews came flooding in due to the cheap construction of the glass tumbler. It broke for most people after the first few uses. The only positive reviews are from people who have barely used it, or haven’t used it yet.

I even get the appeal of the glass tumbler (which is sold out almost everywhere except Amazon). In fact, I was looking for that Starbucks cup online when I realized that people are being robbed when they pay $37.99 for it.

That thing is gorgeous. It’s tall, slender, the glass looks like the beautiful sea glass you find on the beach, and the logo even looks a little bit retro which, I admit, makes it way more palatable than the average two-color S-bux logo. Believe me, I want that dreamboat of a glass travel cup more than I want stability in my life, but I can not and will not ever pay $50 for it. I don’t know who designs the Starbucks travel mugs and glass tumblers but wow, dude… You are nailing it. I have yearned for 90% of the Starbucks merchandise, and I will probably bite the bullet and buy one someday… but I’m not spending $40 on a freaking glass with a lid.

Luckily, I don’t have to. And neither do you.

If someone on your gifting radar (which may or may not include yourself) has a beautiful, 20 oz. glass travel cup for iced drinks on their wish list, please put those two $20 bills back into your pocket, because these iced coffee tumblers are 75% less expensive than the Starbucks glass tumbler.


Hammered Recycled Glass Tumbler Travel Cup for Iced Coffee

20 oz. Hammered Recycled Glass Cold Drink Tumbler, $8.43

20 oz. Recycled Paneled Glass Tumbler Travel Cup for Iced Coffee

20 oz. Paneled Recycled Glass Cold Drink Tumbler, $8.43

20 oz. Recycled Glass Tumbler Iced Coffee Travel Cup

20 oz. Recycled Ringed Glass Cold Drink Tumbler, $8.02

The lids on these units aren’t glass like the Starbucks version, they’re strong acrylic plastic. They have a push-on, suction-style lid that some reviewers claimed had a better seal than the more expensive version. Each glass tumbler comes with the lid and plastic, reusable straw. Additionally, each one of these glass travel cups are available with free shipping!