Grab a Free L’Occitane Shea Butter Starter Kit!

Free stuff alert! Nothing feels better than finding a “free stuff” claim and having someone else test out whether it’s bogus or not. Fun, right? I’m Lindsay and I’m your free stuff guinea pig! Luckily, I came across a really good one today from L’Occitane (remember when I tried their very Frawnch Brightening Face Wash?) offering up some of their new hand and face creams made with organic, fair trade shea butter!

Free L'Occitane Shea Butter

Included in the freebie, which is properly called the L’Occitane Shea Starter Kit:

Click this link to get the free set!

I’m not sure how many L’Occitane stores there are in this country (I know I’ve seen…one?) (edit: apparently there are over 2,000 – who knew?), but if you bring the email they send you into the store, they’ll straight up hand you these things. If you hate stores and/or don’t believe a L’Occitane store is a real thing (edit: turns out they’re real), you can also redeem the gift online but it requires purchasing something. Luckily, L’Occitane mitigated this by also ponying up a $10 off coupon which is activated when you buy $35 or more. It’s easy to spend $35 at L’Occitane so making that number $25 instead is nicer – but not as nice as free.

See if there’s a L’Occitane store near you! If you love this and miss it, though – fear not, it will be available for sale after this month’s offer is over!

Probably watching Netflix.

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