Melissa McCarthy’s Awesome Plus Size Fashion Line with Seven7

In addition to being a top-notch comedienne, screenwriter, producer, and babe, Melissa McCarthy has been designing an eponymous plus size clothing line for Seven7 since mid-2015.

Can I get some kind of award for being the only fashion blogger who is terrible at staying up on new fashion? The line is still in its infancy, though, and only a few full collections have been released. From what I’ve seen, my first impression is that they’re some of the most style-aware plus sizes clothes I’ve seen in a while.

melissa mccarthy seven7 plus size fashion line promotion quote

“I don’t want to look like a hooker, a waitress, or a mother of the bride.”

If you are or ever have been plus size, I know you’re skeptical about anyone trying to make “stylish clothes for plus size women”… but place your trust in a lady ghostbuster and she will never steer you wrong. I mean, Melissa wears her own line all the time and she looks insanely good in it.

melissa mccarthy seven7 fashion line football plus size outfit

melissa mccarthy seven7 plaid pants balcony style outfit

The shapes are adventurous but also flattering, and hell yes!there are crop tops. And jumpsuits. It’s so nice to see a plus size line that isn’t full of boxy jackets and tapered pants.

Melissa McCarthy’s line offsets the “concealing” tricks with adventurous, eye-catching details that put a hand in the face of every other plus size line that encourages women to hide their bodies. They definitely utilizes draping, which may send a chill down your spine, but the draping is often combined with cut-outs, pleats, and some deliciously tight jeans.

What can I say? I love tight jeans now at size 14, and I loved them when I was a size 20. It’s why I spend 99% of my time in leggings and/or jeggings. Do I even own pants without stretch anymore? As if it matters. #ComfyBabesForLife.

Melissa McCarthy Outfits Seven7 Plus Size Fashion

L-R: Flounced Neckline Dress, Button Pleat Floral Dress, Button Down Geometric Blouse, Released Hem Pencil Jeans, Puffed Sleeve Blouse, Mojave Print Pencil Jeans

Some of the best pieces in the collection, in my opinion, are the shorts. I do not think I have ever said that sentence before as shorts and I have a 30 year disagreement that we still haven’t settled. That being said, I can’t ignore Melissa McCarthy’s shorts.

Melissa McCarthy Bermuda Shorts Seven7

Pocket “Desire” Shorts, Mini Pocket “Vacation” Shorts, Rolled Bermuda Shorts (morgan blue), Two Button Front Shorts, Rolled Bermuda Shorts (white)

The sheer numbers of sheer bed coats and kimono-style jackets (we all know I hate calling them that – they’re not kimonos, they’re bedcoats!) is staggering. Every beautiful floral you’ve ever imagined is emblazoned on a lightweight bed coat in Melissa McCarthy’s clothing line. I’m not mad at it!

The prices aren’t the highest and they aren’t the lowest. For comparison, the line seems to be between GAP and Banana Republic pricing. This collection seems well-made, and I’ve owned plenty of Seven7 jeans in the past – enough to know that they’re not going to fall apart on you (though they might stretch out if you don’t care for them properly). Picking up a piece of this collection when it’s on sale seems like the most likely option for me. You can find discounted Melissa McCarthy x Seven7 stuff at Lord & Taylor frequently, and Macy’s has a good selection of sale items, too! (See links below.)

My favorite part of the line is definitely the fabrics used. I’m obviously on a floral kick lately, and the patterns that she’s found to use in this collection range from some of the most ethereal florals I’ve ever seen to cool, mod, graphic patterns – you can see the contrast in the two dresses I posted above. There are lots of cool neutral-ish patterns that still add visual interest without taking over your entire outfit, and that earns my admiration.

Oh, and “plus size fashion line” is a little bit misleading, I admit. Available sizes range from XS-4X; a size small is akin to a ladies’ size 2, 4X is like a 26W-28W.

Where to buy Melissa McCarthy x Seven7

Prices are about the same on every site, but the shipping at Macy’s is almost twice as much as the other stores – keep that in mind! I think there are “Free Shipping Over ____” deals, but the other three stores average about $5 in shipping charges.

Photos from Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram

Probably watching Netflix.

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