PINCHme: Anyone Can Receive Free Sample Boxes!

Yep, anyone can receive free sample products from PINCHme. All you have to do is tell them how you feel about the products. Finally! Bloggers and non-bloggers alike have a strong yearning to try new things, and an even stronger one to share our opinion about it.

The way that PINCHme works, you even get to choose the samples that are sent to you! If you’re the type of person who gets their subscription box and reads the card first to see what’s inside, or looks up the box contents before it even arrives at your house – then PINCHme is your dream come true.

After signing up, you answer a pretty in-depth questionnaire about your grocery-buying and shopping habits. Some are general, like “How much do you spend on groceries per week?” and then some are… oddly specific, like “Do you purchase [brand] of cat litter?” I told them I have a cat. If you have a pet, they want to know about it! I am not against the idea of getting Trudy-treats in the mail! I’ll do pretty much anything to make her like me, and surprise treats would give me a real leg-up.

mail box tape pinchme samples

After one of PINCHme’s eagerly awaited Sample Tuesdays, you visit the site after the samples are “released” and literally fill up your cart with the free samples that you want. Then, they gather them all and ship them to you in a very conspicuous box. Inside of that beautiful, branded tape is an even more adorable box.

PinchME: Get Free Samples in Exchange for Reviews

The samples that are available to fill your PINCHme box range from beauty to household items – even pet stuff, remember?! Turns out, one of their recent Sample Tuesdays featured the Muse brand of cat food which I have definitely purchased for Trudy before and really wish I’d gotten my hands on. Who knows what they’ll have next time? (PS – The next Sample Tuesday is in a few days on Tuesday, September 20!)

Sample Tuesdays happen only once per month, so this is kind of like a subscription box… but instead of paying money, you just try stuff and tell PINCHme how you feel about it!

PinchME: Get Free Samples in Exchange for Reviews

PINCHme sent me this big ol’ box of samples that they’ve given out in the past and/or may give out in the future – just to give us an idea of what they’re working with. The regular PINCHme boxes won’t be this big, but depending on how on top of Sample Tuesday you are, it could be close! PINCHme sample boxes usually come with 3-5 samples that you choose, yourself, on Sample Tuesday.

This is the kind of stuff you can expect to find waiting for you on Sample Tuesday. Spoiler alert: some of these products are full size!

PinchME: Free Samples - Beauty and Skincare

Yes! Vagisil! I know! It’s focus is “pH balance” which makes me feel like it’s probably not as bad for your hoo-ha as past perfume-based renditions are/were. That being said, the jury is still out on whether or not I will try it… Maybe when I’m feeling reckless one day! Reckless Vagisil experiments! Oh god that sounds terrible.

But the rest of the samples are like deluxe and/or full sizes of delectable skincare products! Blistex, a Vichy face mask, and two Goddess Garden skincare products – a cleanser and a night cream.

PinchME: Free Samples - Home and Food

Here we have some more beauty products along with some fun (and honestly refreshing) home and snack samples.

If you’re a coffee addict like me, your eyes likely went straight to the Caramel Coffee Pod from Starbucks. It’s no secret that Starbucks makes magical winter coffee drinks, and their caramel is no exception. The saddest part of this is that I don’t have a coffee pod-using coffee machine – I will have to sneak this into the purse of one of my friends! It’s kind of a shame because I would love to try this.

There are a couple of poorly photographed nail products there, as well. This is a two-step gel system from _____! I’m all about trying new at-home gel manicures, so be on the lookout for this in future social media posts.

The Good Morning stuff is a homeopathic alertness aid, so we’ll uh… see about that. But also there is trail mix! And a shampoo and conditioner from Garnier!

PinchME: Get Free Samples in Exchange for Reviews

Once you’ve receive and tried out your samples, PINCHme will send you some short surveys asking for your thoughts. There’s no real time investment, just your average reactions and opinion on the samples in your box.

PINCHme works with brands to get consumer feedback on new products. Personally, I think this is a brilliant way of gauging interest and reaction to new products without companies having to dig at average customers for their feelings. Some of these products may even be pre-market, with brands quite literally testing the market to see how a release would go. You could help shape the success (or failure) of new products – I think that’s really cool!

Plus, I feel like I need to remind you – this is all free. No credit card needed, no special code, just sign up and answer that questionnaire, then hit up PINCHme on Sample Tuesday (the earlier the better) and become part of the product testing club!

Sign up for PINCHme now if you love this idea, and on Sample Tuesday (September 20), head to the website and pick up your samples!

I’m posting this today to give you a head start on Sample Tuesday. It’s first come, first served, so those babies can go quick!

If you miss your opportunity to grab samples, don’t worry. You probably won’t get the full on PINCHme box experience this time, but after I signed up, I received an email a few days later offering me an opportunity to sample The Honest Company’s new line of facial care products! I would have had to pay $5.95 shipping since it’s not a proper sample box, but that’s still a deal if you ask me!

Would you be interested in this kind of opportunity? If you’ve used PINCHme before, what did you think?

Probably watching Netflix.