POPSUGAR #MustHaveBox November Unboxing: Winter Entertaining

Another month, another exciting POPSUGAR Must Have box! The November edition is all about entertaining and enjoying the wintry season. If you’re following the constant saga of my (very honest) reviews of the POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes, I’ll let you know right up front: this one is a good one. Does it have one questionable item? Sure, but overall it’s actually pretty damn good. Also, there’s a $5 code at the end of this post if you’re intrigued!

Usually when POPSUGAR sends me a Must Have Box to review, I take a cute picture of everything all neatly stacked up in the actual box (see the October POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review for proof) but my cat, Kooza, decided that he needed to essentially chew on every piece of tissue paper inside of it and then fall asleep. So, he’s in there right now, and I don’t have the heart to disturb him. He’s kind of notorious for taking over my blog projects if there are boxes involved.

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This month’s POPSUGAR Must Have Box was actually inspiring. Usually, they’re fun and exciting, but this time POPSUGAR honestly shocked me with the home-focused contents. I mean, there was literally a fruit bowl in there!

The beauty product was also extra exciting as it featured Stowaway Cosmetics, a brand I’ve had my eye on for months because they’re doing something unique and different.

Yet again, there was a beautiful Kendra Scott Jewelry piece in the Must-Have box. The packaging is always so beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, let’s bust this stuff out of its packaging and have a closer look. First we need to talk about this popcorn because oh my god.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box - Oogie's Toffee Butter Popcorn

Toffee Butter Popcorn from Oogie’s Gourmet Snacks
Price: $2.99

I don’t even like popcorn. I have a violent aversion to foods that are prone to getting stuck in my teeth, and popcorn is right up there with Milk Duds. But this… this is no ordinary popcorn. How they got the actual flavor of butter onto those popcorn kernels without killing it with sticky-sweet toffee flavor is a total mystery to me. The fact that this entire bag costs less than $3 is actually kind of a dangerous discovery. Also, this entire bag is under 450 calories. It does not, I repeat, does not tastes like the whole bag is under 450 calories. It tastes like pure, high-proof, concentrated sin. Highly recommended!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box - November Unboxing

Wine & Cream Chambray Table Runner by Pehr Designs
Price: $44

Okay, you veterans of my POPSUGAR Must-Have Box reviews know what I’m probably about to say. $44… for a 90″ x 14″ table runner aka rectangle? But this time, I am actually not mad at it. The chambray material feels really nice and rustic, the fringe on the edges is impeccable, and the design is unique and versatile. Is it a rectangle of fabric? Yes, but it’s a useful one that looks really cute on my table.

The design is interesting to me due to the colors – a creamy, warm white and a merlot-red wine accent – and because the runner isnt symmetrical. You’d expect the colors to be divided down the middle, but this one is just a little off kilter and that gives it some sass.

Stowaway Cosmetics - Dusk to Dawn Palette - POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Dawn to Dusk Eyeshadow Palette by Stowaway Cosmetics
Price: $25

It really excited me to see a little trinket from Stowaway Cosmetics included in the box. They’ve been on my radar ever since I stumbled upon their credit card-sized palettes and minimalist approach to beauty. This palette, while tiny, includes pretty much everything you need to create several beautiful shadow looks. Dramatic, classic, natural, or super glamorous – you can do it with this palette. The rose gold shade is a  favorite among people who the Dusk to Dawn palette, and the dual-ended brush is great for travel because it has a fluffy brush end and a flat, angled liner brush on the other.

I’ll definitely report back on this!

kendra scott rose gold chain adjustable bracelet with pearl

Elaina Rose Gold Bracelet in White Pearl from Kendra Scott Jewelry
Price: $50

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So shiny, so sparkly! I didn’t even know Kendra Scott worked with rose gold jewelry, but this is absolutely beautiful! The rose gold doesn’t look garish or extra pink, like some faux rose gold plated chains do, and the white pearl pendant in the center is the perfect accent. But that’s not even my favorite part of this bracelet.

One of the most annoying parts of bracelets is how they slide all around on your arm when you move. Especially when you’re a baker/gardener/mess-maker like me, the last thing I need is something mobile on my arms while I move. The clasp on the Kendra Scott Elaina bracelet (which you can customize, btw!) is adjustable. You pull the chain ends through a type of toggle that allows you to set the exact length you want, and it stays put. Keep in mind that the tighter the bracelet is, the longer the danglies on the ends of the chain are, but you can eliminate that by keeping the bracelet loose. It’s a brilliant design!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box - Meri Meri Star Picks

Star Party Picks from Meri Meri
Price: $8

These fall into the category of “Things I Like But Would Never Buy For Myself.” In the set of 24 party picks includes four different styles, six of each. There are two sizes of each color, silver and gold, and they look absolutely adorable strewn about. I know they’re supposed to be stuck into something but I couldn’t resist using them throughout these photos as confetti. I’m not sure I know how to stick them into baked goods and make them look cute, but I’m sure I could Pinterest the idea real quick and come up with somethi- yep, already got it, and they’re adorable.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box - AJ Goods Wire Bowl

POPSUGAR Must Have Box - AJ Goods Wire Bowl

Nest Wire Bowl from AJ Goods
Price: $35

This bowl fit perfectly in the POPSUGAR Must Have Box, both figuratively and literally. While it looks delicate, thanks to the nest-inspired design, the structural integrity is impressive! It’s not very heavy, but it won’t get dented if you accidentally knock it over, either.

The actual bowl, itself, was handmade in India and comes in three different finishes: bone white, persimmon red, and charcoal grey, which is what I have. I love it as a fruit bowl because pretty much every fruit on the planet will pop against that deep, charcoal grey. They also suggest using it as a key catch-all, but I see my keys getting stuck in that, and envision myself attempting to grab my keys off the table and accidentally bringing the entire bowl with me. Several times. Possibly exclusively. Fruit bowl!

You can see why I was pretty happy with this box, right? For $39.99 and a hefty dose of mystery, this is a delightful box of surprises to receive as a result. I don’t think I could predict POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes if I tried, they’re always so unique and eclectic. Whether you’re craving sometheing for your home, makeup drawer, shower, purse, or closet – they’ll have something for you in every box.

Use the code SHOP5 to save $5 on your first POPSUGAR Must-Have Box! The code never expires, so if you’re still on the fence, just keep that little dude in your pocket until you’re ready to try it. $39.99 is definitely on the higher end of the life & style subscription box price range, but as you can see – it can really pay off sometimes.

And I’m serious about that popcorn. I literally just bought six more bags to give to my family for the holidays. IT’S REALLY, REALLY GOOD.

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