(A)DD: Rachael Ray 3 QT Stoneware Baking Dish Under $20

We are really leaning on the “almost” in (Almost) Daily Deals here, aren’t we? It’s been months since I was regularly updating our a-few-times-per-weekly deal feature. In case you’ve never seen one of these before, all (A)DDs are under $25 and are usually on sale for at least 40% off. So, that also means that the deal is likely to fly off of the shelves – so you gotta act fast!

This sale crossed my path due to a sale alert I’d set up through Shopstyle. I’m a big fan of sale alerts and honestly think they’re one of the most underused ways to save money online. I’d spill all my favorite sale alert services here, but that would get everything all messy! I’ll save it for another post. In the meantime, my alert told me that this Rachael Ray 3 QT Stoneware Baking Dish was over 50% off at Kmart.


orange baking dish stoneware celebrity kmart kitchen cooking casserole

orange baking dish stoneware celebrity kmart kitchen cooking casserole

This may be giving you deja vu because, about a year and a half ago, I put a set of Rachael Ray Stoneware ramekins into an (A)DD. It’s no coincidence that another piece from that exact same line is still on my radar – I am completely obsessed with Rachael Ray’s bakeware designs. While Rachael Ray is not my cup of tea, and I would rather listen to slow nails on an infinite chalkboard, I must admit that her bakeware is fantastic.

All of her stoneware baking vessels have these handles that stick up off of the top instead of coming out parallel to the oven racks. This makes them so much easier to grab without the risk of dipping your oven-mitted thumb into whatever molten hot thing you’re pulling out of the oven. Not only that, but the striking different-ness of the design makes them totally table-friendly. This dish measures 11″ x 19″ wide and 4″ deep which makes it perfect for casseroles, enchiladas, roasting veggies… Pretty much anything, honestly.

This 3QT Stoneware Baking Dish is only $19.94 at Kmart right now – over 50% off its original price of $40. Casserole season is coming! Are you prepared?

(Almost) Daily Deal: Rachael Ray 3 QT Stoneware Baking Dish, $40 $19.94 at Kmart