SALE: $15 Bralettes & $20 Bras (+ Free Shipping!) at Aerie

Aerie is having a very summer-friendly sale on their already affordable bras and, more importantly, bralettes. Sorry, bras. It’s not me, it’s you. Or… the other way around. I don’t know, but I love bralettes more than any other undergarment I have ever met. Under sheer tops, they’re gorgeous. Under open, drapey tops, they’re stunning. Beneath button-downs, they’re beautiful. And as pajamas, bralettes are absolutely incredible. 

I have posted about these unique and beautiful creatures (bralettes = creatures, I guess) several times as Aerie seems to come up with the most beautiful and creative strap designs. Plus, it’s not like they’re expensive to begin with. Today, Aerie bralettes are $15 and bras are $20 with a free shipping cherry on top – check out the sale here.

Or, if you like it when I read sales to you like bedtime stories, continue on to see my favorite pieces from the sale.

Aerie High Neck Boho Bralette in Orange

Aerie Hi-Neck Boho Bralette

Recently, I’ve been seeing girls wear these high-neck bralettes under lower-cut tops or v-neck tops. It looks really cute, and if you like more coverage, these seem to be a cute way to achieve a no-cleavage zone without sacrificing an ounce of sex appeal. I mean, your bra is still showing! That’s a totally acceptable amount of sauciness, if you ask me.

I love the color of the Hi-Neck Boho Bralette above, but the site says the color is called “fucshia pink.” I mean, I’m no Pantone employee, but I thought fuchsia was way, way brighter and less beautiful rusty peach. That color is so beautiful, I hope it’s real! If you hate it, though, this top bralette also comes in navy, light pink, purple, black, plum-pink, green, and white. There’s also a non-Boho high-neck bralette available, too, in a bunch of pretty colors.

Aerie Lace Pushup Racerback Bralette

Aerie Push-Up Racerback Bralette

Okay, so I’m not sure how a bralette can also be a “push-up” but I’m also not complaining. If you can forego underwire and get a nice shape out of it, I say more power to you.  This floral lace pattern is beautiful and I love how the racerback is a little bit wider. When racerbacks are too narrow, the straps end up rubbing on the side of my neck and it can irritate my skin. Distributing the weight (heehehe) with wider straps is always more comfortable, for me.

This style also comes in a billion colors. Most of these bralette styles are available in sizes XS-XL. Some of the colors are hiding in different product listings for some reason, so here’s the same bralette in silver and plum colors.

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Aerie Boho Longline Bralette

Aerie Boho Longline Bralette

Aerie has added this design since my last post went up, I’ve never seen it before! If you’re the type of person who can and will rock a bralette as a bra top, this is definitely the summer option for you. There’s a really beautiful lace handkerchief edge with what looks like a lotus or some other type of wide-leaf floral and eyelets. I like whatever party they’re at, too. Dress code strictly enforced!

Check out the Aerie bra and bralette sale now! There’s free shipping on every order in the USA and Canada, too, plus free returns. Bonus: if you buy any Aerie swimwear, this deal also applies, and right now swimwear is buy one, get one 50% off. Summer Aerie sale is a go!