Shoptagr Keeps Tabs on Your Wish List

When you find a product that you can’t imagine living without, but it’s either sold out or too expensive, Shoptagr will watch it for you, then alert you once it’s restocked or on sale.

I’ve been using Shoptagr for years, since 2014 when they first started. I used to use a similar service called SavvyCircle that kind of just…disappeared once day without my consent or permission. I love these types of product-tracking services, so I was heartbroken! Once I found Shoptagr, my faith was renewed but… admittedly, I let their service slip to the back of my mind for several months, and when I revisited a few weeks ago – Wow. They’ve grown up, a lot.

ShopTagr Wish List

My Shoptagr watch & wish list!

Now, this price-monitoring service is completely and wholly worth recommending. Bargain shopping is largely about patience, which is a big part of Shoptagr’s philosophy. Saving money when shopping online is also about staying organized. I’m not about to add a nerdy clothing-tracker to my already full day planner. Besides, who has the time to check prices on the same cool clothing over and over every single day? (Other than me obviously because that’s kinda sorta my job.)

How to Use Shoptagr for Sale Alerts

Shoptagr has a mobile app, which is great, but the Shoptagr web app is going to be your BFF when you’re shopping online.

Basically, every time you see something you love – or are even intrigued by – click the Shoptagr button in your browser and you can begin monitoring the price of that product.

ShopTagr: Price Monitoring Sale Notification Service

You can see that when you add something, there are a bunch of questions to answer. Enter your preferred color and size, then indicate when you’d like a notification. The service will email you whenever the price goes down at all, or you can wait until it’s 25% or 50% off to get notified.

ShopTagr: Price Monitoring Sale Notification Service

Plus, the details available also mean Shoptagr will function as a wish list you could easily send to friends and family, or just keep for yourself.

Shoptagr as a Super-Functional Wish List

I divide my wish list, aka “Wish Items Closet” into several smaller lists because I am kind of Type A like that. I have lists for shoes, clothes, hiking & adventure gear, and a list for gorgeous semi-formal clothes that make me feel a little extra.

Shoptagr‘s retail partners include Asos, Bloomingdales, Shopbop, Nordstrom, Net-A- Porter and many others—and the list continues to grow. The sale notifications and price drop alerts you get are basically real-time, so you’re often the first to know when a price is adjusted. If you happen to be plunking around on your Shoptagr wish list when a price drop occurs, you’ll get a notification just like any other social media site. Shoptagr is quite seriously one of the most fun and satisfying shopping tools I’ve ever used.

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I visit my wish list every couple of days just so I can remember all the stuff I want. It’s also nice to have everything all together, organized into lists and available for sharing. The holidays are closely approaching, and my family is rabid for wish lists. With Shoptagr, I can have the size and color all available for anyone who wants to buy me stuff. I hope the world knows that anyone – anyone – is welcome to buy me pretty stuff at any time.

But honestly, as far as money-saving shopping tools go, Shoptagr is pretty much crucial. The exhilaration I get from scoring something I love for a fraction of the price it was when I found it is massive. Quality clothing is hard to find at broke and beautiful prices! Shoptagr helps you maximize the money you spend in a fun, organized way, and it’s pretty much hands-off for the user. What more could you ask for?

Set up Shoptagr on the web app and start winning at online shopping!

Thanks to Shoptagr for partnering with me on this post! As a long-time user of the site, I’m super happy to be working with such an awesome company.