50% Off Old Navy Activewear – Today Only

While browsing my local Old Navy last week, I had a minor meltdown. In the clearance section, I spotted what might have been the perfect workout leggings. A dark green floral pattern with an unnecessary-but-appreciated lattice embellishment at the ankle… in an XS.

After immediately and exhaustively searching for my size and failing, I panicked. I found a secluded corner of the store and busted out my phone so I could smash the Old Navy app icon. If these were anywhere, they had to be online. (Right? RIGHT?)

The good news is that I found them online. The bad news is that they were most definitely not in the clearance section. The second piece of good news is that Old Navy has been running a 30-40% off code almost weekly for the last month-ish (the current 30% off code is ENJOY). The second set of bad news is that, by the time I got around to buying them, they were gone. Tragic. No coupon code can save you from a sold out item.

The remaining styles of the Old Navy High Rise Lattice-Trim 7/8 Length leggings ($32.99 $16.50). :'( 

Luckily, they did a decent job making it up to me by putting all of Old Navy’s activewear on sale for 50% off. The catch is: it’s today only.

That means that we have to work fast. First of all, this deal isn’t combinable with any of Old Navy’s excellent coupon codes which is absolutely tragic, but the prices are good enough that it kind of doesn’t matter.

Old Navy Semi-Fitted Running Shorts
$16.99 $8.50

If you haven’t checked out the workout gear at Old Navy, you might be wondering why I’m being so dramatic about my lost pair. Listen, Old Navy is rivaling all of the cute workout gear companies. Their activewear totally holds up to the design and quality of brands like Fabletics and Athleta (despite being Old Navy’s sister company).

Every time I stumble upon a pair of compression leggings or a yoga top on the rack, I almost always think it’s streetwear. The thoughtfulness and attention to detail strong in 75% of Old Navy’s activewear. They have the requisite form-over-function gear, too. Standard sweatpants, flared yoga pants (why?), and compression tanks are bountiful… But I love the interesting prints, unique embellishments, and unusual shapes of their more fashionable items.

High-Rise Mixed-Print Compression Leggings
$32.99 $16.50
High-Rise Side-Pocket Compression Leggings
$32.99 $16.50

Options for leggings are extensive. There are at least four different lengths with both mid- and high-rise waistlines. Some have cut-outs, some have pockets, some have tie-up ankles, some have eye-catching prints… You see where this is going. There’s something for everyone.

Additionally, the Old Navy sports bras are no joke. There are several different levels of support, and the designs are just as vibrant and interesting as the rest of the line.

High Support Adjustable Strap Sports Bra
$32.99 $16.50
Light Support Strappy Sports Bra
$19.99 $10

Best of all, this sale makes almost all of Old Navy’s sports bras about $10-16.50. That’s a really good deal, especially if you’re trying to motivate yourself to hit the gym this winter. If you are a winter workout bunny, it would be a good idea to check out Old Navy’s outdoor activewear. There are plenty of long-sleeved and hooded tops to keep you warm and insulated while you sweat it out.

If you’re in the need for some new gear, definitely hit up this sale today! It ends tonight at midnight (and is also happening in-store). 

Probably watching Netflix.