Acquired: The Dad Glasses of My Dreams

While the rest of the world is falling in love with the 1990s, I’ve been harboring a secret love for the 1980s. I was born in 1985, but my family held on to the ’80s well into the next decade. There was never a shortage of calculator watches, fanny packs, or Dad glasses in my house.

Dad-style prescription glasses are basically metal aviators, typically way too large for one’s face with big, open lenses than run halfway down your cheek. Perfect for reading tiny letters on the remote control, organizing wrenches, and adjusting TV antennas.

Thanks to, my nostalgia-laced bad fashion decision has come to fruition by way of a pair of yellow gold, aviator-style prescription eyeglasses – and I love them.

These are the Claude Aviators in Golden ($29.95 with lenses). sent them over and it was just in time. I love every single pair of my 10+ prescription eyeglasses, but I was in dire need of a shake-up.

Originally, I’d seen this style on an Instagram beauty guru who I can’t remember the name of. She wore them with precise, sharp, bold lipstick and even sharper eyeliner. There was something about the stark contrast of the glamorous scientist-meets-pornographer vibes that totally entranced me. As soon as these arrived in the mail, I tried out that look on myself.

I’m not sure it has the same impact as that crazy-hot Instagram girl, but I love how gold they are and how wide the frames are. The shape seems to highlight my cheekbones and the frames don’t cover up too much of my face.

That hot red lip isn’t the only way to make these glasses work, though. The versatility of these seeming statement glasses is surprising. I honestly haven’t worn any of my other (nearly 10 pairs of) glasses since I got these! For some reason, they seem to contrast perfectly with every look I go for. Maybe the contrast is due to the fact that they belong to a 57 year old man in 1983. Whatever it is, I’m into it.

My style is kind of sport-meets-rocker chick, and if you think there isn’t a place for these gold-framed beauties, think again. Even when I’m wearing my workout gear with messed up hair (always) and a visible sports bra… these look almost glamorous.

The gold frames of the glasses are so incredibly bright, and historically yellow gold kind of grosses me out. Maybe I’m entering a phase where gaudy, tacky accessories are becoming some kind of creative challenge for my mind to tackle. You still won’t catch me rocking a fanny pack any time soon, but for now, these Dad glasses are kind of my everything.

After wearing them for a few weeks, I discovered that my favorite way to wear them was with a super neutral, foundation-free face… with bronzer, gloss, and some falsies. I don’t know, man. I was wearing my favorite tank top, my hair was… doing what it does, and I was feeling this glasses 100%.

My momentary summer tan also complimented the gold of these frames for the few weeks it was here. Saying that these glasses inspired me to start playing with bronzer is a ridiculous, completely true fact. Once my tan faded, bronzer and these glasses became BFFs.

Once again, GlassesUSA provided an immense selection of glasses frames and I am totally thankful to them for providing me with my whirlwind love. There’s no questioning my obsession with affordable prescription glasses, and GlassesUSA – while a little more expensive than other stores – offers a totally luxurious experience for an awesome price. ($29.95 with lenses, if you need a reminder!)

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Go get yourself a pair of wacky, nostalgic, weird, or statement glasses with a huge discount. Thanks again to for sharing these great frames and this amazing deal.

Probably watching Netflix.