So Long, Estée Edit, and Thanks for All the Clearance

In case you haven’t heard the news, Estée Lauder is pulling the plug on its millennial-recruitment line, The Estée Edit. It’s a shame because, while The Estée Edit was a great idea for a brand associated with a more mature customer. After a year and a half executives said the line simply “wasn’t necessary.” They have all the millennials they want, I guess.

Through the end of September, you can still buy the Sephora-exclusive line for 30% off (or more).

I mean, Estée Lauder is still around for a reason, and that youthful brand might have had flashy packaging, but it also had great products. I had the opportunity to try some in an Influenster campaign last year and honestly, I loved a lot of the things I tried.

The Estée Edit Pore Vanishing Stick, $28 $20

If you’re into perfecting your skin texture and only wanted to buy one thing from this sale, this is what I would force you to get. The Pore Vanishing stick was released pre-Milk Makeup and does the job better than nearly every other pore-filling stick product I’ve tried. It’s one of those sticks that has the white ring on the outside and a nude-ish tone circle in the center. Apply it to fine lines or pores that you want to smooth out and it actually does it. Even the wrinkles in my forehead were diminished somewhat after applying.

Hell, I’ve worn this little stick alone with no foundation over the top and loved how it looked and felt. This is (obviously) my favorite product from the entire line. If it excites you, snap it up because it’s days are numbered!

The Estée Edit Beam Team Hydrate + Glow in Bronze, $42 $29

This is a weird, but potentially awesome product. It’s a glow cream for your face that offers a serious sheen in bronze or sheer, but there’s no… real… “right way to use it. It’s moisturizing, so you could potentially layer it… under a primer? Over? Or, since it’s so incredibly potent, you could dab just a few drops onto your cheekbones, post-foundation. But there’s a ton of this stuff in the tube, and that makes me feel like it’s meant to be applied to large swaths of skin. I just don’t know, but I like it, and it’s fun.

But if that wasn’t weird enough, you might have noticed that there are two product weights listed on the front of the tube. That’s because, in the cap, there is a flip-top “Beam Cream” in a corresponding shimmery shade. It’s a waxy, but creamy formula and the payoff is… pretty terrible. I think Estée Edit meant for this to be an extra highlight, but it just doesn’t really do anything for me.

The Estée Edit Flash Illuminator, $28 $20

You will never run out of liquid highlight if you get one of these Flash Illuminators. There is so much product in there and, once again, the shimmery payoff is intense. This could easily be treated like the Beam Team Hydrate + Glow cream, but it performs better than that product when applied on top of foundation. You only need the tiniest bit to get a super-visible, reflective highlight. Use sparingly and you’ll have it forever.

Check out the rest of The Estée Edit’s clearance products on! If you see something you love, snap it up because I’m already seeing products I love (like this Barest Lip Color) disappearing – forever!

Have you tried The Estée Edit? What’s your favorite/least favorite product?

Header photo via Pink Orchid Makeup

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