New Budget-Friendly K-Beauty & Skincare at Target

My experience with K-beauty is extremely limited, but I can’t hold out much longer. I love that Korean beauty brands are starting to become more available in the USA. Before, I could go to Daiso and pick up a smattering of sheet masks and skincare products, but I knew virtually nothing about the brands. Now, I can walk into my local Target and buy some of the best K-beauty products on the market! Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon has curated a tidy little selection of affordable K-beauty skincare and makeup for Target.

Alicia Yoon knows good K-beauty. Her website, Peach & Lily, is entirely dedicated to showcasing the best makeup and skincare products from Korean companies. It’s like a shoppable magazine for people who can’t stop thinking about and craving beauty products from Asia.

Yoon is from Seoul, the capital city in South Korea. After educating herself on a professional level in beauty and skincare, Yoon went on to attend Harvard University with a focus on finance. This is where Alicia Yoon adds a dash of punk rock into her Peach & Lily story.

After consulting with a beauty client, she discovered that American beauty companies were using formulas that originated in Korean skincare products. She started Peach & Lily to help bring Korean beauty products to the forefront, instead of just getting used and stepped over by American companies. Fuck yeah!

Peach & Lily functions as a major resource for beauty addicts and curious skincare adventurers. It’s Yoon’s full-time gig and if that isn’t the perfect marriage of passion and innovation in the digital world, I don’t know what is!

Furthermore, enough gushing about my latest girl crush, here’s Alicia Yoon has brought to Target’s attention.

K-Beauty & Skincare Picks at Target


There’s a lot to take in here. First of all, if you’ve been aching to try out Korean beauty products, you can officially do it for less than $5 if you want to. On the higher end, you have some more… adventurous products like the snail gel repair cream. If you haven’t heard the buzz about using snail slime in skincare, definitely read up on it.

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Naturally, there are tons of sheet masks and pore-cleansing masks are in this collection. This would be the easiest way to participate in this beauty trend. The gel cleanser is also exciting, and the stick moisturizer is definitely catching my attention.

Finally, there are even a couple of makeup items in there! The brand Twenty Four Seven has a dual-ended lip treatment balm and oil that I might need in my life. (I’m obsessed with lip health, and I go overboard on a regular basis.) The thing that looks like a lip gloss from Twenty Four Seven is actually a highlighter cream. It can be applied underneath or overtop foundation for a sparkle-free glow.

I haven’t hit a Target since the collection launched on January 22nd, 2017, but I’m excited to check it out. Tell me in the comments if you’ve tried any of these, or if you plan to!

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