September is e.l.f.’s 30 Days of New New, a New Beauty Release Every Day

Did anyone else notice how September hit light a freight train of terror and suddenly summer feels more over than ever? I saw cinnamon broomsticks in my grocery store yesterday. As much as I love fall and autumn, I feel like summer got yoinked right from my loving arms.

Luckily, the end of summer also signals the beginning of our 6 month long holiday phase. Just this week, Sephora had their holiday cosmetics preview for press (who are fancier than me) to scope out all of the themed gift sets and limited edition packaging.

e.l.f. is on the same holiday vibe, but instead, they’re just celebrating September. Every single day of this month, e.l.f. will release a new, never before seen product on their website. They’re calling it 30 Days of New New. We’re already a week in and they’ve given us the following new goodies:

A new highlight compact in three shades, $2
A new blush compact that comes in three shades, $2
Perfect Placement Silicone Sponge, $6
Selfie-Ready Blending Perfector Brush, $4
On Point Concealing & Blending Sponge, $5
Cheek Cream & Powder Brush, $6
 Silicone Blender Duo, $8

Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that silicone makeup applicators aren’t dead yet, and there are three new ones in the first week of this thing. The good news is that they’re the most expensive releases so far and all the actually good releases are less expensive. Yay!

The highlighter and blush look a lot like products I thought e.l.f. already had, but the formula seems different. It looks like the highlight is a very natural, diffused glow maybe similar to the famed natural glow highlight from Essence. Each colored product comes in a shade that works for light, medium, and deep skin tones.

Hopefully, there are some amazing lip products, maybe a few eye products, and some really amazing brushes down the road. I really, really, really hope they got all of their silicone sponges out of their system. Glitter doesn’t make a silicone sponge better! Trust me.

To keep up with the e.l.f. 30 Days of New New releases, bookmark this page on their website, or creep them on social media where they announce the new products every morning.

Probably watching Netflix.