Deep Discounts on Baublebar’s Vintage-Inspired Statement Jewelry

The best vintage-inspired, affordable jewelry in the game right now is at Baublebar. Not only is their regular line as affordable as it is eye-catching, but their capsule line for Target, Sugarfix by Baublebar, is even more accessible. I have a few piece from that line and a couple from the original line. The quality of the standalone Baublebar line is a smidge better than the Sugarfix line, but they’re mostly indistinguishable.

But anyway, I’m here to talk to you about how you can feel like an anachronistic Hollywood starlet for only about $20-$30 thanks to the immense and glorious Baublebar clearance section. It’s brimming with vintage-inspired jewelry, some of which has been marked down by 60%. Most of it is at least 25% off! I hope you’re ready for rhinestones, because these baubles are mega-sparkly.

Baublebar Gingersnap Stud Earrings
$32 $18

The earrings, in particular, are as sparkly as they are vintage-inspired. There are always several eras of jewelry trends represented at Baublebar, it’s part of what makes it so much fun to shop there. They’ve got long, dangling chandelier earrings to flirty tassels to short, mod era buttons and ball studs. My favorites today, though, are the ones that suck all the light out of the room.

Baublebar Symphony Drop Earrings
$48 $32

Baublebar Starfire Druzy Tassel Earrings
$36 $20

The bracelets are also doing it for me lately. I’m not sure why, usually I feel like bracelets are one of the most annoying pieces of jewelry you can wear. They’re always sliding around and getting caught on stuff. Nevertheless, I’m looking at Baublebar’s beautifully constructed bracelets and cuffs and imagining myself in a life where wearing one all day wouldn’t drive me up a wall. Some of these are so stunning that I could actually see myself putting up with it a few whole hours!

Baublebar Caprice Glass Bracelet
$48 $32

Baublebar Pavé Dog Tag Bracelet
$32 $20

Baublebar Morse Code Bracelet
$32 $18

Baublebar Eloise Crystal Bracelet
$38 $24

Somehow, despite their ostentatiously glamorous nature, I feel like these are some of the most wearable styles of vintage-inspired jewelry I’ve seen. The designs are so simple, but they retain all of the yummy hallmarks of vintage jewelry. This is especially true when it comes to rings.

Baublebar Galactica Ring
$36 $16

Baublebar Empyreal Ring Duo
$36 $16

Baublebar Egg Ring
$32 $16

Baublebar Remia Semi-Precious Stone Ring
$38 $26

Last but not least, the actual ton of necklaces that Baublebar has fitting our criteria. Every kind of rhinestone, semi-precious stone, chain, link, and metal you could wish for are here.

Baublebar Cosma Tassel Necklace
$58 $34

Baublebar Celestina Pendant Necklace
$36 $10

Baublebar Phoebe Choker
$38 $16

Baublebar Panthera Lion Head Necklace
$58 $34

Do these vintage-inspired jewelry duds from Baublebar get you grooving on styles from the past? How would you style these timeless jewelry pieces?

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