100+ Doc Martens On Sale at 6pm.com

Doc Martens Oxblood Steel Toe Boots

As a major purveyor of Doc Martens for nearly two decades, the very first place I look when I get the itch for another pair is always the same: 6pm.com. Right now, they’re holding a special sale on Dr. Martens boots, heels, sandals – everything. You can get a fresh new pair for up to 18%-60% off! Continue Reading

(A)DD: Danielle Nicole “Amelia” Chain Crossbody Bag

Handbag Under $30 - Danielle Nicole Amelia Chain Crossbody

This bag is a triple pocket, faux leather, textural sundae of delight. I covet small-ish crossbody bags, and most of them seem to err on the side of casual farmers market. This bag from Danielle Nicole definitely adds some more shine… Continue Reading

Would You Wear: Slide On Sandals?

Madewell Sightseer Slide Sandals

Were you as confused as I was when the chosen sandals of the summer were the same ergonomic, slide-on sandals responsible for the “Ugly Shoe Phenomenon?” What once were best used as the punchline for every joke about crunchy hippies has now been spray-painted silver and slapped with a multi-hundred dollar price tag. Fashion. Continue Reading

Brim Season: Cute Brimmed Hats $40 and Under

ASOS Oversized Floppy Straw Hat

My next plan of attack is to explore the world of brimmed sun hats. I’m going to need one anyway, once the gardening really starts to pick up and the outdoor projects get going, and on top of that, they make you look like a fancy rich person which is a fun costume to wear when you’re broke as hell. Continue Reading