(A)DD: Mossimo Chiffon Baseball Sleeve Dress

Daily Deal: Merona Chiffon Sleeve and Hem Dress

This dress falls right smack between casual and semi-formal. The chiffon at the sleeves (in a conveniently-flattering raglan style) and the hemline make this err on the side of fancy, which is a nice contrast with the super-chill baseball sleeve.

It looks fabulous on the hanger, I must admit, and it looks adorable on a body, too – but it’s just begging for you to accessorize it.

Daily Deal: Merona Chiffon Sleeve and Hem DressWhether it’s an amazing pair of boots or a belt or a bag, this dress is a great foundation for accessories. The multiple color options give you a lot of creative opportunity, as well! The muted maroon color is so strikingly different from the acid yellow (or “Granny Smith Green,” I guess), and then the black is extra classic compared to the other colors, and that teal is so fresh!

I would probably end up wearing this dress without any kind of bodily accessory (save for maybe a long necklace or jacket) with some rugged boots because I’m lazy and that sounds crazy comfortable! This is going to be a great fall outfit, too, after you throw a pair of tights on underneath.

Check it out!: Mossimo Chiffon Sleeve & Hem Dress, was $24.99 now $8.94


ADD: Burt’s Bees Skincare at Macy’s

Daily Deal: Burt's Bees at Macy's

While scouting around for a good (Almost) Daily Deal, I started noticing a trickle, then a stream, then a gushing waterfall of Burt’s Bees products – one of my longtime favorite brands – on sale at Macy’s.

Men’s products, women’s products, everyone’s products – on sale. Burt’s Bees is already pretty affordable, so when it hits the sale shelf, you know it’s going to be good. And it is.

Here are some of my favorite Burt’s Bees products that are currently on sale at Macy’s:

Daily Deal: Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, was $6 now $4.80
Not only is the smell of this salve-like cuticle cream completely intoxicating, but the stuff actually works, too! Smear some on your cuticles and rub it in, and over a few days you’ll see the health of your abused cuticles increase.

Daily Deal: Burts Bees Night Cream

Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Cream, was $18 now $14.40
As I get older, I am getting more intense about my skincare routine. My skin is definitely changing as I hit 30, and night cream is starting to sound like a better idea! I hate the feeling of dry skin, especially on my face. This stuff is full of vitamins and antioxidants to help replenish your skin.

Daily Deal: Burt's Bees Grapeseed Oil & Honey Lotion

Burt’s Bees Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Creme, was $10 now $8
This little 2.6oz tube is the perfect purse-companion if you have dry skin, or an addiction to hand cream. Honey and grapeseed oil are both super nourishing and hydrating, and this stuff is like and thick, which leaves your skin feeling like velvet!

Daily Deal: Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Eye Cream

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Eye Cream, was $15 now $12
Admittedly, I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s been on my list forever because I’m interested in seeing how it works on my saggy bags! The skin around your eyes is so delicate, and I have really (really) sensitive skin (Really. It’s dumb.) so this eye cream with cotton extract seems like it might be perfect for a first try!

Daily Deal: Burt's Bees Vitamin E & Lemon Oil

Burt’s Bees Vitamin E & Lemon Oil, was $8 now $6.40
Another wishlist item – the reviews of this body oil are amazing! Stories of women who have cleared up skin issues from pimples to allergic reactions… Pretty freakin’ awesome. The only complaint was that it didn’t come in a larger bottle. Oh, the agony!

If you haven’t tried Burt’s Bees before, I highly recommend many of their products. I have used everything from their skincare lines to their cosmetics, and I’m totally in love with this brand. They’re not the most independent of natural beauty brands, but their ingredients are great and their products do a great job.

There are many more things on sale, but the Burt’s Bees line starts at $3 for a solid, natural lip balm (which is also, surprise, excellent). If you pick up some Burt’s Bees, let me know what you got in the comments or on Facebook!

Dedicated: Airbrush Makeup for Teenage Girls

Many women use an airbrush for makeup application. In fact, a teenager who is just learning how to put on makeup can benefit by using an airbrush, because she can learn how to apply foundation and blush in an even way, focusing on blending and layer building. Many teenage girls who apply foundation and blush in the traditional way often spread it unevenly on their faces – an airbrush can help with this. But of course, there are some other advantages that can be enjoyed by using an airbrush to apply makeup, specific to teens. Temptu Airbrush Machines


A girl with skin problems can use a makeup airbrush to help cover up any blemishes or other issues. By using an airbrush, she can be sure not to put too much foundation on top of a blemish, pimple or other skin irritation. (Adding too much makeup on top of a perceived flaw can make the skin issue worse!) Sometimes teenage girls will spread too much foundation over a skin irritation making it stand out even more. A careful airbrush application can help to boost a teenage girl’s confidence in her makeup application skills (more important than you might think, as a teenager) and in how she looks.

It’s a known fact that teenage girls take quite awhile to get ready for school in the morning. A makeup airbrush can help speed up that daily process so she won’t be late! She can apply foundation and blush more quickly with an airbrush than she can with her fingers. Just as importantly, she will not wipe the oil from her fingers onto her face as she applies foundation and blush. This is a great lesson to learn as a teenager – keep bacteria out of your makeup! It can lead to skin problems like styes and more blemishes. An airbrush might seem like a tall order for a teenage girl, but it can lead to great things!

ADD: One-Piece Retro Swimsuit from Target (30% off!)

If you’re in the market for a “need one quick” swimsuit, and are a fan of wildly flattering one-pieces, this is your lucky day.

Daily Deal: Target One PIece Swimsuit Halter Strapless

I stumbled across this swimsuit in the clearance section of Target’s website, and was pretty shocked to see that it was available in all sizes and three different colors – navy, mint (crazy cute) and red.

The scalloped trim around the hips really gives it a vintage maillot look, and the side ruching is figure-flattering, and adds a cool, modern texture to an oldschool suit. As you might guess, this is a convertible swimsuit, meaning you can wear it strapless or, if you need more support or just like the look, attach an included strap that turns it into a halter suit!

Daily Deal: Vintage Style Retro Swimsuit from Target

The back is predictably  charming, as it’s a tie-back with full coverage on the bottom. I like this style because it allows you to tie the top as tight as you need to, depending on your body shape. (I’m talking about boobs. As usual.) 

I’m surprised that I am gravitating towards the navy blue! I am definitely not a navy blue person, typically, but there’s something about the antiquity of the blue and white mixed with the shape of the suit that has me smitten. I’m not too worried about my impending love outburst because this suit is marked down 30% and, as I said, is available in almost every size/color combination they have (there’s only an XS in the red, poor tiny bombshells!).

Check it out!: One Piece Vintage Style One Piece Swimsuit, $20.98 at Target

Mojo Moxy Pastel & Classic Mayfair Flats

First I saw the lilac, then I saw the mint. Then I felt too girly, so I went for the black. Then I felt like going timeless and boom, there was cream.

Each one, a perfectly interesting, perfectly wearable, closed-toe flat with a zillion buckles.

Daily Deal: Mojo Moxy Pastel Buckled Flats

The toe looks almost pointed, but it’s not quite an almond shape either… I kind of like it! The shoes are obviously going to stand out (some more than others).

Mojo Moxy Mint Green Buckle Flat

I admit, they’re a bit Lolita, but I think that they could be worn in a number of ways that don’t require petticoats or circle lenses. If you choose one of the pastel colors, letting it be the loudest thing in your outfit would be a safe, smart way to go. I really think that it’d be easy (& fun!) to get away with wearing these like regular flats, though! With jeans (maybe rolled up a bit?) or with a maxi skirt… A form-fitting midi dress? I want to try them all!

Mojo Moxy Black Buckle Ballet Flats

The black and cream styles speak for themselves. Easy to wear, and coveted – especially at the price of $50.99. AND there’s free shipping from 6pm.com… all the time!

Check it out!: Mojo Moxy Mayfair Flats (4 colors), $50.99 each at 6pm.com

I’m in dire need of flats. My casual shoes range from wedge sneaker to TOMS with very few stops in between. Closed-toe flats are usually so boring, but these are actually interesting! It’s okay that one of your criteria for good shoes is that they hold your attention, right?