The Only Boot Socks You Need for Winter

I am about to get very serious with you. Like sit you down, put your electronics and valuable items to the side, and then look you dead in the eye while you feel the socks I have on. Yeah, the socks I’m wearing, feel them.

I mean, I am a “sock person,” but I don’t get evangelical about them… unless they’re these socks.

Kushyfoot Fleece Trouser Socks

I can hear your collective silence. I can feel your confusion.

They look so basic, and honestly, it’s because they are. In fact, they are deceptively basic.

True story: I was sent these by my amazing friends at Kushyfoot and then I prompty let them… sit in my drawer forever, untouched. Trouser socks? Long, black, trouser socks? Definitely not my style and not something I have ever purchased in my entire life – not even when I was in the corporate mix!

But I would and will buy these. For my entire family. My boyfriend has already stolen them (twice), and we almost got into a fight about it.

Why? Because these socks are completely lined with fleece.

The warmest, softest, feels-like-a-kitten lining inside of these socks makes them stand out from every other sock I’ve worn in my entire life. Pulling them up, they stop just below my knee. They’re not too thick, but you can’t see your skin through them, and they stay up like a dream, making them perfect for winter shoes!

After a day of heels or confining shoes, or when it’s extra crappy outside, there is nothing better coming home to a fresh-from-the-dryer pair of socks lined in the clothing equivalent of baked macaroni and cheese.

The price is crazy, of course, because it’s Kushyfoot and they’re socks. Also, if you’re obsessed with fleece, you may want to check out their fleece-lined opaque tights. Oh yes, they are very real.

You can get 3 pairs of these fleece-lined trouser socks for $17.97 on their website.

There’s nothing worse than getting a new fleece hoodie or jacket and then slowly watching that softness turn into hard, spiky pills over time, so I suggest washing and drying these socks inside out, which will help extend the softness of your fleece! (This also works with hoodies!)

(A)DD: Ralph Lauren Hook Closure Belt

Fashion has a lot of lessons in it. Think about the time you first learned to tie your shoes, then to the first time to had to zip up the back of your own dress without help – hard, right? It takes time to learn how to dress yourself, and do it well. Each garment has its own set of rules and shapes that define its use.

Belts have a learning curve all their own. Belts are accessories and therefore extra difficult. (There may be some personal experiences fueling this theory.) Thin, wide, metallic, leather, waist, hips, dress, jeans… There are so many factors tied up in belts that it makes finding one like this one from Ralph Lauren an almost anxiety-inducing experience.

Ralph Lauren Hook Closure Belt Black

I know that I like it. I know that I like it so much and it’s got one of the most unique belt closures I’ve ever seen. Calling this a “hook closure” is a bit of an understatement, as the entire fastening end of the belt is a hook, and the “eye” is a shiny chrome seat. The buckles on either side of the hook determine its tightness, and there is a small patch of elastic in the back that allows for some stretch to fit.

What I don’t know is whether or not I like it better in tan leather.

Ralph Lauren Hook Closure Stretch Belt Tan

Something about the tan and chrome-silver against the warm, light tan leather is obviously kind of equestrian… but also kind of Pin-Up Robot, if you feel me?! I just love shiny hardware mixed with warm tones.

Check it out!: Wide Leather Hook Closure Belt, was $40 now $20.99 at Ralph Lauren


(A)DD: 20% Off Clearance at J. Crew Factory

Back again to talk about J. Crew Factory and how much I love their clearance section and the sales that discount the things inside them.

Instead of posting just one item, as is the format of most Daily Deals, I figured I’d give you this (not) super secret coupon code and a bunch of pictures of things I would buy, and you can save 20% on whatever you want!*

*…As long as what you want is in clearance and available in your size. Daily Deals are tricky that way.

Extra 20% off all Clearance until tomorrow (11/18): EXTRA20

J .Crew Factory Layering Tee

Elbow-Sleeve Scoopneck Layering Tee

Orig. $26.50, on sale for $12.99 $10.39 with coupon 

These are excellent for layering under short-sleeve t-shirts because they add a layer of insulation, some extra sleeve length, and add make your boring t-shirt more interesting! There are a few different colors and stripe patterns available in a smattering of sizes, but the two colors above are available in all sizes!

Left: Stripe in Soft Blue; Right: Solid Color in Brilliant Fuchsia

J Crew Factory Color Block Socks

Colorblock Socks

Orig. $10.50, on sale for $4.99 $3.99 with coupon

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them. I am a “sock person” through and through, and the number of colors here just makes me really excited. $4? Done deal.

J Crew Factory Pajama Top

Short-Sleeve Dotted Pajama Shirt

Orig. $39.50, on sale for $18.50 $14.80 with coupon

People may say that the “trend” is dead, but I still think pajama style shirts are cool.

J. Crew Factory Umbrellas

Printed Umbrellas

Orig. $24.50, on sale for $11.99 $9.59 with coupon

Shoutout to the Pacific Northwest: cheap, reliable umbrellas with cute patterns! Though, I find it comical that the one on the left is called “Tile Indigo” and the one on the right is called “black.”

These fold up into cute little purse-sized bundles, too.

J. Crew Factory Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo Pants

Yes, it’s well-documented that I love tuxedo-style pants, and I’m jazzed (ugh, pun intended I guess) that they’re still around – even if they’re in clearance. These are a nice way to tell people “this is my version of ‘formal'” without having to really try.

Left: Skimmer Pant with Tuxedo Stripe in Navy, Orig. $69.50, on sale for $24.99 $19.99 with coupon
Right: Frankie Chino with Tuxedo Stripe in Black (also available in tan), Orig. $79.50, on sale for $24.99 $19.99 with coupon

J. Crew Factory Baseball Sweater

Airspun Baseball Sweater

Orig. $65, on sale for $24.99 $19.99 with coupon 

The winter version of my favorite t-shirt, the baseball tee, is of course the baseball sweater. This also comes in black but there’s something kind of ritzy and snobby about white and tan that I grossly love about this linen-blend. It looks like you want people to know that you own many fine horses.

J. Crew Jeweled Necklace

Layered Crystal Necklace

Orig. $54.59, on sale for $29.99 $23.99 with coupon

J. Crew notoriously has great jewelry, and I’m usually impressed with what I find. There is actually a lot of jewelry in clearance, but often times it’s more necklace than I know what to do with, if that makes sense? This one was the right balance of simple and glitzy.


See the rest of the clearance section here and, don’t forget:


The code is good on J. Crew Factory until tomorrow, November 18, 2014!

An *Actually Free* Necklace from Rosewood

Obviously, by 2015, most of us know not to trust most things labelled “FREE” – especially on the internet. Sadly, this knowledge was earned largely the hard way, and many have fallen victim to scams for decades. (This is a weird way to start out a post about something free so I’m just gonna cut the big reveal and tell you there really is something free in this post.)

But I consider part of my job as an Internet Resident and cheapskate blogger to dig around stuff that smells free to see if it really is free. That is a weird metaphor, but I hope you’re following me anyway.

I know I am asking a lot of you today.

Recently, I came across Rosewood Boutique by way of an offer to send me a necklace. I have been known to receive products gratis for review, so I foolishly lumped it into the I’m So Special and Bloggy category instead of the “Hey, stupid - this necklace is free for everyone” category where it belonged.

Rosewood Free Bar Necklace

Rosewood Boutique Free Bar Necklace

This Gold Bar Necklace is usually priced at $18, so why is it free right now? Rosewood Boutique is running a limited time promotion to introduce their new blog, and to spread the word, they’re doling out these cute, layer-ready necklaces to potential new customers!

Rosewood Boutique Free Bar Necklace

Two opposing sides of the necklace are rough and sparkle in the light, while the other two opposing sides are smooth and reflective, showing off all the good parts of gold. It naturally rolls a bit while you wear it, so both textures get adequately shown off.

Now, there is a shipping charge. $2.99. That’s the shipping charge to get this everyday-style necklace shipped to you. Is it worth it? As someone who is currently wearing one – I’m going to say yes.

Rosewood Boutique Free Bar Necklace

Rosewood Boutique Free Bar Necklace

As I said, this free necklace promotion is part of Rosewood Boutique’s blog launch. As you can see from the front page, this is a comprehensive fashion banquet of information. There’s everything from giveaways to tutorials available, and even more freebies available on their blog! Once you snap up your [limited availability!] free bar necklace, you should pop over and check it out!

[PS: My shirt is new [to me] and I’m in love with it. I picked it up from ShopMieux, who I will tell you about soon, but it’s from The Limited and it’s my favorite color right now! I was delighted to see that the one of the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms I picked up matched perfectly. Ok! That is all! Goodbye!]

(A)DD: H&M Fine Knit Faux Leather Cardigan

The layers that were so uncomfortable to even think about four months ago are now on my mind in a big way.

HM Fine Knit Faux Leather Sleeve Cardigan

You might think that those big, long blocks of black at the forearms is faux leather – well, if you didn’t, I did. It’s not! It’s just a nice, solid, black color block at the wrist.

H&M’s sales are always jarring. It might just be that their product photos are well-done and they all look effortlessly stylish, then you glance at the sale price and almost surely do a double-take.

HM fine knit and faux leather cardiganThe knit is really fine and the garment ends up being really thin, which is good because you can easily layer a Real Coat over it and then just lounge about in your long, edgy knit once you arrive at your destination.

The sale price on this is only $9.99, available in all sizes, marked down from $17.95 (which is still a steal).

Check it out!: Fine Knit Faux Leather Sleeve Cardigan, was $17.95 now $9.99 at H&M

My second favorite part of this sweater is the dramatic drop shoulders. The shoulder seams run all the way along the top of the arm until it meets with the faux leather. This seaming makes the sleeves hang off the shoulder in a really cool way that king of weighs an otherwise light fabric down for a little bit of balance.