9 Affordable Brands to Help You Switch to Biodegradable Glitter

Late November of last year, the internet was amidst a kerfuffle. Climatologists and environmental scientists had come out of their labs to deliver a truth we all knew, but weren’t ready to hear: glitter is really, really bad for the environment.

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Free Shipping on Beauty Items from Macy’s All Year Long

Don’t worry, I double-checked the fine print three times over before writing that title. It’s real: Macy’s is offering free

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The Cheapest Things that Oprah Loves in 2017

Every year, Oprah releases her gift guide: a long list of exciting products that she likes to call Oprah’s Favorite Things. I’m always eager to sift through to find the “favorite things” that are, like, affordable at all.

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BH Cosmetics Smokey 28 Palette Review

If I see one more warm-toned smokey eye tutorial, I’m giving up on makeup altogether. Luckily, the BH Cosmetics Smokey 28 Eyeshadow Palette is here to save me from warm neutrals! See how it performed, what I liked, and why I couldn’t use it at all when I first got it.

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#WCW: Bang-Up Betty, the Cutest Rebel Jeweler in Arkansas

Bang-Up Betty has all of our womanly bases covered: patriarchy smashing, science advocacy, juicy booty appreciation, pizza, and an inherent gift for hustle.

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