Arm Candy

I read a link on one a blog I read often called Avant Garde meets Anarchy (which is now called Black List – a wonderful blog full of interesting speculation and the cutest boy ever to don 4″ heels…) and one line in particular got me thinking:


The quote was in reference to a photo of Alice Dellal, Pixie Geldof, and some other blonde chick I don’t recognize (sorry, blonde chick, if you’re trying to get famous – it’s not working yet), all walking together and laughing, without a man in sight.

It made me wonder – do you feel more empowered, sexy, etc… when you’re looking amazing, hitting the town with your girlfriends, or with your man/woman/gender preference?

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I think I feel more powerful when I’m with my girls. When I clomping around the city with my boyfriend on my arm, sure it feels good… But there’s an aspect of “I can dominate the WORLD” that comes along with three well-dress friends flanking your side that can’t be fulfilled by a boyfriend who is content in jeans and a t-shirt with Nikes, you know?

Sure, it’s superficial – duh, what isn’t these days? Even philosophy is somewhat superficial anymore. But these days, I feel like it’s alright to feel empowered by certain people – I think it’s a sign that you’re supposed to be around them, or that they’re supposed to be around you. A team of shiny, tailored women is an ominous thing… Not like a deathknell-type ominous, but – particularly when a confident walk is involved (hopefully a side product from the confidence you feel in how you look) – a troop like that feels unstoppable

What do you think it is that creates that wonderland power between fashionable women? Aside from the confidence… Do you think it has anything to do with clothing?

  • JP

    Always depends on the woman I’m with. Some make me feel invincible… and I hope that I can do the same for them.

  • About 2/3 of my good friends are guys–it comes of working in IT and always dancing with guys when I go out for salsa, I guess. I feel just as empowered hanging out with girlfriends as I do spending time with guy friends. It’s not a question of gender for me, but rather whether the person’s integrity, goodness, personality, and character inspire me to be better and spur me on to project my best self.
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  • Sal

    Definitely. I think when I’m out with my husband, I am in my safe, settled, happy mode. With the girls, it’s more fun, exploratory, and wild. ESPECIALLY if they’re fashionable femmes.
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  • Shelley

    DEFINITELY feel more powerful when with my girls! You know who you are – where laughter is overflowing, conversations are giddy to serious to hilarious, and no other people make me feel more alive and vibrant!

  • I totally feel more empowered with my well-dressed female friends. Probably because when I’m with a guy I know I can rely on them to take care of scum bags that stare, cat call, etc. but when I’m with my girlfriends, we have to balance looking great and taking care of ourselves around the skeezes of the city.
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