Our 4 Favorite Coats from ASOS Curve

I was floored when I poked my head into the ASOS Curve section of the US website. Wow. There are so many gorgeous options for sizes 14-22 – and that’s a pretty big rarity for that size range, trust me.

Considering my weather dashboard has only rain on it for the next 6 days straight… You could say I’ve been having a lot of outerwear fantasies lately.

ASOS Curve Faux Fur Coat with Contrast Hem | $143.76

Welcome to the perfect faux fur coat. It’s not even close to typical, but the cut is so classic that it would be a while before I’d get bored with it. This is on the top of my wish list right now.

ASOS Curve Jacket with Sequin Sleeves | $134.78

We’ve been publicly ogling this for the last 12 hours – everywhere from Tumblr to Google+ (add us, by the way!). I am having a hardcore sequin hunger lately, and I always have jacket hunger. Always. This is a perfect combo.

ASOS Curve Exclusive Collarless Coat | $94.34

Yet another super-classic cut in a really exciting color. Fortunately, I don’t see myself ever not wearing red, so for $95, it would be a welcome investment.

ASOS Curve Exclusive Collarless Coat in Faux Fur | $119.50

Yet another coat that hit my wishlist. I love it when faux fur still looks luxurious without looking like an animal actually died to make your coat. This stuff looks soft and shiny without that “used to be alive” dinge of real fur.

As far as coats go – in my budget, I am always happy (well, “happy”) to allot a bit more for a good coat that will last multiple seasons. Additionally, every coat I’ve purchased for less than $40 is no longer with me. The ones I’ve spent $50-100 on are still with me after a few years. I’ve always been a “quality first” girl, so some extra change on top of a slightly loftier price tag is okay with me. (This is half-true: What I’ll most likely end up doing is scouring the ‘net, Facebook pages and Twitter streams for a discount/coupon code, and using that to shave off as many bucks as I can!)

What can i say? I love/hate spending money.

Probably watching Netflix.

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