Daily Deal: Plaster Peonies Tee

I originally typed “plastered peonies” and then had a 30 second space-out while thinking about inebriated flowers. They were pretttty cute, you guys.

Plaster Peonies Tee

After a couple of weeks, this tee finally got saved in my personal wish list because every time I come across it, it stops me. At first, I didn’t really take note of it initially because there are a billion graphic t-shirts out there, and half of them are floral.

The fact that the print is oversized and has a newsprint-esque texture over it gives it something special without being really… well, like most other florals. Loud. I also like that the colors are just tinted. The worst part about flowers are their horrible colors. These are just light enough to remain kind of neutral and wearable.

Check it out!: Plaster Peony Graphic T-shirt, $24.99 at J. Crew