ZARA’s Having a Mid-Season Sale (Up to 50% Off!)

Seattle got their first taste of ZARA just last year when it moved into our downtown, four story Westlake Center mall, took over half a floor and filled it with dreams.

You may or may not know that Seattle has been on the “least fashionable” list for about one thousand years, citing full ensembles of North Face and Columbia as major style black holes. How the city feels about our new ZARA is still kind of obfuscated by the fact that… despite being the home international shopping deity Nordstrom, no one here really knows what to do with fashion.

Our “fashion week” is like 12 minutes long. (Okay, it’s better than I’m saying, but I’m a 30 year native, and growing up interested in fashion in a city that wears hiking gear 95% of the time… mildly traumatic.)

V-Back Jacquard Dress, $39.95 (was $79.90)
V-Back Jacquard Dress, $39.95 (was $79.90)

Maybe after one of our first experiences with a ZARA Mid-Season Sale, where things are marked down around 50%, it’ll get them in the door long enough to realize that head to toe Lululemon is not a sustainable “style.

Here are some of my favorites from the sale (featuring ZARA’s always-dreamy product photos):

Probably watching Netflix.

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