Help, I Want This: NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks

You know the feeling when you see something come across your screen, whether it’s on Pinterest or Tumblr or whatever, and you like it so much that it kind of starts to give you anxiety?

What if I won’t get to have that? What if I can have that but it won’t be until next week?
What if it sells out? What if it’s blindingly (aka preventatively) expensive? 

For the record, I don’t condone bypassing important bills or meals to buy things, but the thought definitely crossed my mind when I liked each and every color of NYX’s Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks.

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks

Image: @nyxcosmetics


Ok. Sorry for yelling.

There is not a single color in that photo that I do not actively want. These are a very real spectrum of nudes, some of which have some degree of rosy tint, and they dry into a matte, long-lasting, velvety lipstick.

Lingerie for your Lips

NYX Lip Lingerie is part of the 2016 releases, and as far as beauty trends are going, they couldn’t have come at a better time. Liquid lipstick is definitely on the rise because of its precision ability and long-lasting formula. Also, the whole drying on your lips thing makes color transfer and smearing nearly a non-issue.

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick Swatches

The twelve shades included in the Lip Lingerie series are named with a classic lingerie motif:

  • Corset – Neutral light taupe
  • Lace Details – Rosy light taupe
  • Push Up – Medium taupe
  • Embellishment – Dusty deep lavender
  • Baby Doll – Cool taupe
  • Beauty Mark – Fudgy cool brown
  • Bedtime Flirt – Rosy cinnamon
  • Exotic – Faded brick red
  • Honeymoon – Cool grey brown
  • Ruffle Trim – Dusty peach
  • Satin Ribbon – Light grey taupe
  • Teddy – It looks like chocolate frosting.

If you thought all of those words sounded the same, you’re right. It was way harder than I thought to describe all of those obviously different colors in ways that didn’t make them sound identical. Thank goodness for Embellishment, Exotic, and Beauty Mark because the rest are all basically taupe or dusty rose.

There’s a “Nude” for Almost Everyone

Some reviewers who had darker complexions mentioned that the majority of the Lip Lingerie shades were way too light for their skin tone. Since I’m like translucent white, I don’t usually have this problem, but for people with darker skin tones I’m pretty sure that the lighter shades in this collection would be the equivalent of putting white out on my lips, for them. So yeah, hopefully some more darker shades come out! (See third video below by Youtuber, LetsTalkRenaa.)

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A Lipstick That Dries

Liquid lipsticks, as I mentioned, are applied and then dried for a finished look that last for a long time without smudging. The downside of this is that many formulas can dry on your lips, and subsequently really dry out your lips, leaving them looking cracked and flat. This formula actually made some reviewers feel like their lips were moisturized! According to one reviewer, lip balm can even be applied without too much smudging or transfer.

These liquid lipsticks are a little bit more “mousse-like” than your typical liquid lipstick which goes on actually quite thin. The formula is exceptionally smooth and instead of drying to a tacky finish or dry-looking and -feeling matte, it leaves a unanimously velvety finish.

Where to Find & Buy Lip Lingerie

It’s surprising that there isn’t more hullabaloo about this line of liquid lipsticks. Especially considering each lipstick shade is only $7. The hardest part is picking a lipstick color to start with because, unless you stare at them for a good 15 minutes, they all look the fucking same. But they also look awesome.

You can find NYX Lip Lingerie here:

On the NYX website for $7 each

CVS (online and in-store) for $6.99 each

Ulta (online and in-store) for $6.99 each

NYX Lingerie Swatches & Reviews

…& one girl a few girls who just look into the camera without talking.

Broke And Beautiful’s Favorites from NYX Cosmetics

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  • KDK

    Oh man. I want these sooooo bad. I’m trying to scrounge up money to buy a few. Lol. I have a medium/olive skin tone, and I really want Embellishment, Exotic, Honeymoon, Ruffle Trim, Teddy, and Beauty Mark. I believe the other nudes will be too light on me. Now I only need $42 to spend on (more) lipstick. LOL!! Dang.

    • Tiffany

      Cvs has them
      And this week is buy one get one 1/2 off
      Get a rain check if your store don’t have them yet
      Birthmark and teddy is almost identical.

      • KDK

        Thanks for the response! I just called two CVS’s by my house but they said they don’t have the Lip Lingerie in yet. They’re supposed to reset the cosmetic displays on January 17th which is nine days away. 🙁 I want to purchase them in person so I’m trying not to buy them online! Don’t want to pay for shipping! Lol.

        • Tiffany

          Lol ik how u feel, jus wait it out get the raincheck buy one 1/2 off, cheaper than buy it online and if u have cvs extra bucks it will help bring the cost down too!!
          I got 6 colors today and they are nice and matte,the only color that didn’t work for me was bedtime flirt and teddy was the same as Beauty mark too me.some might say teddy is a bit lighter but in my opinion is the same espically on my skin tone which is mac nc42. The other colors u mentioned are beautiful I didn’t try ruffle trim though. Good luck and I hope u get em they are good especially for the price.

        • Audrey

          If you spend 25 dollars on nyx you get free shipping. I got two of these, s highlighter and the blush “taupe” and it came out to 27 dollars with free shipping.

          • Awesome tip, thank you!! I love free shipping with low minimums <3

        • Any luck finding these in-store? xo

      • Awesome, I am gonna check all the drugstores around me tomorrow and report back! xo

  • Angel Mstyle

    woww collection love all thease 🙂

  • kellly

    I’m with you – I want them ALL!!! I hope they won’t be a one-time thing at Ulta, leaving me to go on a quest of all Ulta stores in my area till I gather them all. Or hope I get there the day they put them out before they are completely raided. PLEASE, NYX, make these permanent!

    • Yes! Please make them permanent! I can’t be spending small fortunes to get these off of ebay….

  • I’ve recently started obsessing over Nyx lipsticks and i just want to have all the shades!!
    Modavracha | Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

    • Yess!! I love NYX lipsticks, I have some of their Wicked Lippies and Matte Lipsticks and they’re so freaking good. I want to try their liquid lipsticks so bad!

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  • SoFluffy

    I really want those but I can’t get them (yet) where I live 🙁

    • Awww boo! Where do you live? I hope they get to you soon!!

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