Lumene Klassikko: Nordic Botanical Skincare for Under $10

A few months ago, I mentioned a gel cleanser by Lumene that had me smitten. Now, I’m more than a little hooked on the entire Lumene Klassikko skincare collection. It also happens to be one of the most affordable skincare lines I’ve ever used.

Lumene comes from Finland and has been holding their own in the global skincare market since 1948. Those Scandinavians definitely know their stuff when it comes to skincare. It makes sense! After all, Nordic skin is exposed to some of the harshest climates in the world during the winter time.

Historically, Lumene products are treated as luxury skincare, and many of their products reflect that in their price. Klassikko is different. As Lumene heads into their 80th year, they’re releasing the exclusive Klassikko line and it’s way more affordable than anything they’ve done before.

Each product in the Lumene Klassikko line is under $10 and available exclusively at Walmart. 

Every product in the Lumene Klassikko line is made with Nordic Cotton Grass (Eriophorum spissum) and Arctic spring water. It’s kind of the whole identity of the collection. Bright white packaging with sky blue accents and a a blocky, rune-like font all add to the Scandinavian-ness of everything.

They have a botanical method to their madness, though, theorizing that the plants native to their Arctic home possess a natural, chemical resilience that fortifies your skin. They believe that the Arctic plants they sustainably harvest contain higher levels of nutrients and compounds that help to hydrate and protect skin. Judging from the Scandinavian women I’ve seen, I’m say whatever they’re doing up there is definitely working.

There are a five products in the Lumene Klassikko facial skincare line:

  • Moisturizing Day Cream
  • Restoring Night Cream
  • Refreshing Toner
  • Nurturing Eye Cream
  • Deep Purifying Gel Cleanser

Each product in the Klassikko line has the same scent that got me hooked to begin with. It’s a little bit linen, a little bit sea salt, and a very lightly floral scent – like a magnolia or something big, clean, and fragrant. Somehow, they’ve managed to nail the scent of fresh ocean air. It’s not for everyone (as evidenced in a review on the Walmart website), but it’s definitely for me. Using that gel cleanser in the shower is my favorite thing because it mixes with the steam and makes the whole bathroom smell amazing.

The rest of the Klassikko line is kind of scattered around my house in places where I will actually remember to use it.

That means the night cream and day cream are over by the bed, where 90% of the time I lay down to go to sleep before putting moisturizer on. The eye cream is in the same drawer as my eye makeup, so when I open it up to plan out a look, I remember to put it on while I’m figure my shit out. The toner is next to my makeup remover, and I get excited about using it, so this placement is more convenient than it is clever.

Now, here are the five products in the Lumene Klassikko line and my favorite things about them!

Lumene Klassikko Product Reviews

Lumene Klassikko Purifying Gel Cleanser
$8.86 at Walmart

This will be the third time I’ve given space on my website for gushing about this product. It’s just really, really nice, and for less than $9, you can’t do much better.

The texture of this is nice and thick, but I caution you: you barely need any. We’re talking about less than a dime size per use because the lather on this gel cleanser is no bullshit. It leaves my skin feeling totally clean, but not tight and stretched. It’s pretty gentle, and I have sensitive, combination skin that tends to go pretty dry in the winter. After the shower, my skin feels clean and very ready to have things rubbed into it.

This cleanser is the perfect precursor to the rest of the products. It creates a great base for makeup or for bare skin.

Lumene Klassikko Refreshing Toner
$8.86 at Walmart

Before we start, let me confess: I have a toner addiction. Right now, I have five different toners sitting on my vanity, and I select them every day like Ursula picking ingredients for her potion. Basically, I take way too much enjoyment from this step in the skincare process, so take my enthusiasm with a grain of salt. Well, a grain of salt that wouldn’t tolerate a crappy toner if it didn’t have to – you know what I mean?

First of all, this is the only clear toner that I own, which came as a surprise to me. It really sends the cotton and arctic water message home. This toner is alcohol-free and does its job when it comes to removing the last of the grime off of my face after cleansing. It’s basic, but it’s a really good basic that hydrates, smells awesome, looks great, and definitely refreshes skin.

Lumene Klassikko Moisturizing Day Cream
$9.94 at Walmart
Lumene Klassikko Restoring Night Cream
$9.94 at Walmart

Truth be told, I didn’t expect to notice too much of a difference between these two. After all, they look almost identical and the ingredients are pretty close, but there are some major differences.

The day cream is light and feels like water within a couple of seconds of applying. It absorbs really quickly and doesn’t obstruct any makeup or products that are placed on top of it. The night cream, on the other hand, has a shea butter base with additional oils that make it really thick and hydrating. The texture difference is noticeable immediately, and makes perfect sense in the context of day/night creams.

The night cream left my skin feeling more soft, but the day cream left my skin feeling more dry and prepared, if that makes sense. And, again, a little goes a long way with these Klassikko products!

Lumene Klassikko Nurturing Eye Cream
$8.86 at Walmart

This is the one product in the Klassikko line that isn’t fragranced and honestly, I’m glad. My eyes are really sensitive, so I’m a great guinea pig for eye creams. This one doesn’t bother me in the slightest. As soon as it touches my skin, it starts absorbing, and it’s nice and smooth so it doesn’t pull on the skin around my eyes when applying. Afterwards, my skin feels really hydrated and almost plump. It’s nothing dramatic, but it’s better than the alternative – dry under-eyes – which are the enemy of skincare monsters everywhere.

I put this on in the morning and at sometimes at night. It’s not super thick and, for some reason, I feel like thicker moisturizers are better when you’re about to go to bed. They just sit there sinking into your skin while you snooze which just feels awesome, so I occasionally use some thicker eye creams at night.

With eye creams, it always takes a few weeks to see whether or not they have any impact, so I don’t have a long-term review for this one. I’m too much of a mixer. But, short-term, this is a great moisturizer for the delicate skin around your eyes, and at $9, it’s barely a risk!

All in all, it’s a pretty solid skincare regime for less than $50, top to bottom. The only thing we’re missing here is some for of SPF or sun protection. As Finland is a country of historically fair-skinned people who are steeped in 60 days of non-stop sunlight in the summertime… I’m surprised. You’d think they’d be the leaders in sun protection with that kind of Arctic weather nonsense!

Nevertheless, I obviously recommend this line of skincare for people of all skin types (I am a sensitive/combo gal, myself). Again, you can only find these at Walmart and, according to their website, they’re not available for delivery everywhere. If you’ve got a Walmart nearby, chances are good that you’ll see this in-store.

For your convenience, here are the links to each of the Klassikko products on

If you’ve tried these, let me know what your favorite product is! If you’re familiar with Lumene but haven’t tried their affordable Klassikko line, do you think you’ll try anything?

Probably watching Netflix.