Fall Trend: Shiny Silver on Your Feet

I’ve always had a love for robots, and the idea of biomechanical… things-that-won’t-turn-on-us-and-enslave-us. This also played into my need for flesh-colored shoes a long time ago. Every so often, a robot sneaks into my inspiration board and takes over, as robots are wont to do.

I saw these strikingly silver shoes all over the fall runways, (plus a few late last year, too!) and ever since… Obsession.

First, I saw these at Alexander Wang FW 2011:

The Anais in Silver

At $650, it had better be the most glorious thing you’ve ever set your eyes on. They are pretty great, I mean, I could just see the other-worldly, succubus robot that would wear those shoes (she’d have to be at least half robot just to be able to stand in them all day, look at that heel!), and all she wants to do is mess up your world, honey. These shoes are clearly very sexy, and very dangerous. And $650, so I’m never ever going to have them. Mostly because I’m not part robot. Or rich.

Moving on.

Commes des Garcons, whose collections are always interesting, sent these brilliant, graphic brogues down the runway:

Metallic Cracked Leather Oxford

Now, that’s what I’m talking about. The ability to walk, the ability to wear with dresses, trousers, cuffed jeans… Clearly what I’m chasing is a pair of oxfords or brogues. The heels are all fine and dandy, but I actually like to wear my shoes. Often.

Photo by PinkBow on Flickr.

As if that weren’t enough, between February and now, I’ve been inundated and distracted by billions (seemingly) of images of women in the gorgeous shoes. I like them best when they’re styled with casual trousers or cuffed jeans. They’re so unexpected at the bottom of a super-chilled outfit.

Of course, ZARA has the most perfect pair ever:

The Patent Blucher

Yep. Most perfect pair ever. They’re only $99 and I am dying for them. They have a somewhat pointed toe, and this super-minimal stitching and detailing… I wish I had picked them up when I made my big order from ZARA a few weeks ago! They belong in my closet.

These are a majestic pair Doc Marten’s, and thinking about how long they’ll last, and how comfortable they are is making me lust:

The No. 1461..? No. We’ll call it “The Shiner

They are glorious! Don’t deny it! You can’t! THE SHINER!

Of course, we’d be embarrassed if we didn’t include an outrageous Jeffrey Campbell submission:

The Bonnie Platform

While I hardly call 4.5″ heels “walkable,” the 1.5″ platform certainly makes it easier to consider. These have all of the fantastic oxford detailing in a mammoth wedge that is really shiny and therefore really attractive… But not for $115.

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After an extensive amount of digging, I managed to uncover an extremely budget-friendly, slightly more sparkly version from QUPID:

Silver Glitter Oxford

Sure, they’re less mirror-like, but they have all the sparkle, and oxford-i-ness of the best of ’em! I wish there were more of a heel and a more prominent shape to these, so I’ll be passing, but the $26.50 price tag sure is tempting…

Last, but not least, if you’re a Sperry Topsider kind of person, you’ll likely want to snag a pair of these:

2-Eye Boat Shoe in Silver Leather

They’re yours for only $85. I found these today after a bunch of my girlfriends were talking about how much they loved Sperry Topsiders! I thought, “Well, I like silver oxfords, and they like Sperry Topsiders, so… Maybe?”

I was wrong. But like I said, if you’re a Sperry Topsider person, maybe these are the best thing you’ve ever seen. I really don’t know. Or understand. At all. (Sorry, Brienna & Amanda!) Now that I’ve said that, though, I’ll probably want a pair within three weeks. Does that happen to anyone else? You denounce something and then you find yourself coveting it? Embarrassing.

I also found something for those of you who are, as they say, “skilled” and like to make your own things, and everything thinks you’re cool when you say that you made stuff, and then they feel silly for spending $40 on shoes when they could have had homemade ones for, like, $3 with free bragging rights.

Translation: Here’s a DIY I found on I Spy DIY:

I would gladly take these along with a shiny, mirror pair of brogues. The DIY glitter oxfords are so cute, and just subtle enough that – if you’re scared of standing out, or don’t really feel super flashy – you can tone down the glam, or tone it up, depending on what else you’re wearing.

Would you wear silver/glitter shoes? What do you think? Do you have any favorites of the bunch?